Trust Receipt in Export Import Trade


What is Trust Receipt in Import and Export business?


Trust Receipt in Export Import TradeIn case of DA bill, the importer has to make the payment to take delivery of goods. If the importer is unable to make the payment, on arrival of the shipment, and take possession of goods, he executes a Trust Receipt to take delivery of goods. Importer will have the right to sell the goods and would be acting as agent of the bank. Importer will be depositing the sale proceeds with the bank, as and when sales are made. Till the importer makes the final settlement, bank retains ownership for the merchandise and the role of the importer is not that of owner but that of agent to the bank. This arrangement facilitates the importer to take delivery of goods when sufficient funds are not available with him. This facility provides the flexibility to the importer while the interests of bank are protected, at all times.


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