Consol IGM manifest procedures

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   Consol IGM manifest procedures in imports

What is console Import General Manifest? Why does Consol Import General Manifest file? How does Consol IGM work? Who files Consol Import General Manifest? Whom to be filed consol Import General Manifest with?

Consol Import General Manifest is filed by consol agent who acts as carrier of cargo. If any cargo is co-loaded with a freight forwarder, he needs  to file consol manifest  with customs on arrival of goods. Based on such consol manifest, importer files import documents for clearance procedures to take delivery of goods.

Consol IGM manifest procedures

Once after receiving goods by a freight forwarder who consolidates  at load port, he issues House bill of lading  or House airway bill to the shipper.  The said freight forwarder in turn, books cargo with main carrier along with his other shipments to same destinations.  He obtains Master Bill of Lading MBL of Master Air Way Bill MAWB from main carrier, under all shipments together in one document.

After arriving goods at destination port location, the consolidator notifies destination customs location  in specified format about the details of cargo  arrived  under each Master Bill of Lading or Master Airway bill.  This procedure of filing is called consol manifest filing.  Each MBL or MAWB has one or more shipments owned by one or more consignees.  The details of each shipment files separately, so as to enable each importer to file import documents separately.   The consol manifest details contains  Name of shipper, consignee, MBL or MAWB number, HBL or HAWB number, load port, destination port, description of cargo, number of  packages, vessel or flight details etc.

If cargo arrived at a freight station away from base port of destination,  details of Gate way IGM has to be mentioned in consol IGM. 

Recently in most of the countries, filing of IGM has been introduced electronically, which links data of export general manifest, destination base port etc. 

Consol Import General Manifest is filed manually where in no electronic filing system available.

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Wamiq: Excellent explanation, thank you so much for this informative article.

Shubhendu: From when and under which circular MTO is mandatory to be registered as consol agent. A company handling only Imports cant get registered to file consol manifest without obtaining MTO licence which is of no use to them.

karthi: Required Circular or Notification number for Filing of Consol Manifest

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