How to divert cargo from one port to another?


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Procedures to divert final destination port to another location


Once after movement of export cargo final destination, the shipper needs to divert the location of cargo from presently planned location. The diversion of destination takes place due to various reasons like oversight planning, cancellation of export order, wrong grades of cargo, shipping of goods not meant for the consignee etc.


The first job of shipper is to find the present status of the cargo to instruct carrier –what job he needs to undertake.


If you want to divert export goods to another location in same country or another country, you should keep in mind about procedures and formalities of shipping carrier.


How to divert cargo from one port to another Let us find, what happens once after sailing of vessel carrying your export goods to final destination. After sailing vessel, shipping line arranges to send the details of goods to the final destination port. Before arrival of goods at final destination, the carrier of goods at final destination port files import manifest with government authorities.


Let us come back again to the procedures and formalities of diversion of export goods to another destination port. Here, based on the above information you need to know two things. Firstly, has shipping carrier at final destination already filed IGM Import General Manifest against your export goods? Secondly, has Shipping carrier of goods at destination not filed IGM under your exported goods?


If Shipping carrier has not filed IGM, the diversion procedures are little easier than the other one.


The volume of procedures and formalities against above mentioned situations to divert cargo varies one to another. The risk involved for the shipper also varies accordingly. However, all the above procedures can be done to divert the cargo from one location to another location.



I am going to classify three types of diversion of export goods from one port of destination to another port of destination.


Diversion procedures before sail of vessel at load port


Once after completion of export customs clearance procedures and formalities you have handed over cargo to shipping carrier. Before sailing of vessel carrying your cargo, you need to change port of destination planned. You can arrange such diversion of your export goods to another destination port by intimating with shipping line and necessary simple procedures.

Compared to other diversions, a diversion of export goods to another destination port is easier, if cargo not sailed from load port.


Divert cargo at transshipment port.


If you want to divert your export goods to another port of destination atHow to divert goods from one port to another in Export Import transshipment port, you can arrange so. However, here firstly you need to find out whether the same shipping carrier has the service to new destination port. If vessel carrying your goods calls the destination port which you intend to divert, there is no much risk involved in diversion. However, if same Vessel does not call the destination port you need to divert, you need to find whether the same carrier has service to the said destination port. If yes, shipping carrier offload your goods at said transshipment port and arrange to load to another vessel which calls the new destination port as per it’ schedule. If the existing shipping carrier does not have service to new port of destination, the exporter/ importer need to find a new carrier who has service to new port of destination. Necessary procedures and formalities with existing carrier is followed and arranges to hand over goods to new shipping carrier with fresh set of shipping documents.


Diverting cargo before filing Import General Manifest (IGM) at destination port.


Here, if IGM has not been filed by shipping carrier at destination port, an exporter or importer can divert his export container / goods without much difficulty. As mentioned earlier, he can find a carrier who serves to new port of destination if existing shipping carrier does not have service. The necessary formalities and procedures can be followed to divert export container to new port of destination.


Diversion of Cargo after filing Import General Manifest at final port of Destination.


If carrier of goods at final port of destination already filed Import General Manifest at destination customs location, the diversion procedures are more involved. Here, amendment of IGM at destination port of customs and other required procedures and formalities to divert container are to be followed at destination customs location of existing importing country. For completing such procedures and formalities, dwell time is a crucial one and you need to be very keen on minimizing demurrage/detention cost at port where in your container/goods are. After completion of such formalities, all other required formalities mentioned above can be followed to divert export container/goods to new port of destination.


The major hassle which I had experienced during my career is that the shipping carrier of goods had no service to the port of new destination where the cargo to be diverted. In such cases, the movement of cargo has to be suspended at the nearest calling port by completing necessary formalities. A new carrier has to be appointed for further movement and diversion of cargo to new destination port.


I hope, this article helps exporters and importers who need to divert container/goods to a port of destination other than planned one. Have you satisfied with this article - How to divert export container/cargo from one port to another port?   Do you wish to add more information about diversion of cargo/container to one port to another location?


Please share your experience and knowledge in diverting exported goods / container from one port to another port in same country or different country.


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