How to make delay in delivery of Shipment?


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   Can a cargo be delayed to deliver consignee on request


If you are  handling  shipments on daily basis, I am sure, you  have been daily spending quite good time with stress to push the carrier to deliver your cargo  ‘fast’  to your consignee.  I know, this pressure has been continuing on daily basis in each office all over world who have been shipping on daily basis.  Most of the shippers  need to deliver cargo to their client as early as possible after shipping.  So, they  always track and focus on thought – How to minimize the transit time of shipment.   There are many reasons behind this pressure such as  waiting  goods for production, delay in delivery commitments by manufacturer,  seasonal business commitments, delay in shipping by supplier, deadline of delivery schedule etc.etc.


Most of you may think funny on this question – ‘How to delay cargo to deliver to consignee?.’  But there are facts behind  this question.  Same as pressure to minimize  the transit time, some of the customers need to maximize the transit time. Why?


There are many reasons to maximize the transit time of exports. Let us discuss some of them.  If the factory  has limited space for storage of goods, the import arriving goods can not be stored delay shipmentdue to lack of space.  So inventory problem is one of the major reasons.   Due to many reasons, process of manufacture can get delayed  after advising supplier to ship, assuming to complete the rest of production  in time well before arrival of said  ordered shipment.  However due to delay in production, the job may not have completed.  This also could be another reason to maximize transit time.


An immediate production has to be carried out before starting manufacture with  import arriving goods. Due to lack of storage, the goods in transit must be delayed till completion of such production. This also can be one of the other reasons.


Normally in most of the countries, December end week and first week of January are holidays to factories worldwide.  So most of the buyers do  not want  to arrive  the  cargo during this period due to shortage of crew and laborers.  


There are many other reasons  like  above which you can guess some of them to maximize transit time.


Up to some extend,the delay in transit is possible in both FCL and LCL shipments with the co-operation of carriers through the cargo has been booked.   You can advise carrier to skip one ore more vessels or aircrafts  at transshipment point with no expenses.  The carrier, within their permissible   limit, co-operate with their customers to extend   such services to delay shipments either at load port, transshipment ports or destination port within their permissible limit of free cost and with chargeable expenses there after .


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