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Annexure 8
Original Duplicate Triplicate Personal Ledger Account For the month of…………200………. Commissionerate: Division: Range: Name of the factory With address and Registration EC Code No. Date and SL.No. of entry
Particulars of credit/debit Document -------------- Description of documents with name of treasury where necessary No. Date Central excise Tariff Subheading number EC code of the buyer Basic -------- Credit Excise -------- Debit Duty ------- Balance -------- Credit ------- Debit --------- Balance Cess on Commodities] Miscellaneous Credit Debit Balance Credit Debit Balance Credit Debit Balance Credit Debit Balance Signature of he Assessee or his agent 12


1. This account should be prepared in triplicate using indelible pencil and double sided carbon. The original and
duplicate copies should be detached and sent to the Central Excise Officer- Incharge alongwith the R.T. 12 Return.
2. Columns 7 to 9 of the Form have been left blank to be used for showing the appropriate type of duty and the duty credited and debited there against.
3.. No. and date of invoice against which debit is raised in this account should be shown in Col. 3.
4. Where single invoice covers goods falling under different sub-heading, separate entries shall be made for each of such sub-heading.
5. Where consolidated debit entry is permitted to be made at the end of the day, separate entries shall be made for each sub-heading.
6. Assessee may exclude from their Accounts those of the Columns 7 to 11 which are inapplicable.
7.The closing balance in the last month’s PLA should be brought and shown in the column for credit against the entry “balance BF”. Which should be verified by the C.A.O. with the closing balance in the last month’s PLA.


The above information is a part of Export Import Training course online

Click below to download this form in pdf format:


nasnin: Warm regards and thanks for being there as a Ray of hope for many new raw entrepreneurs . Sir this mail I guess can say is a bit personalized . I lost my brothers both who were cha license holders elder brother was busy with his own work and life never did he taught me anything similarly the 2nd no elder brother initially did business later got sick did jobs with semcorb kamino multi national companies and unplanned life with health issues lead to his untimely death.well coming to the point is now I am loaded with. the responsibility of the entire family as of the 2nd brother children are still taking education and I have to bear all the responsibility of their expenses and decided to do something on my own .I read about you and decided to have a straight talk requesting you to meet me train me in the field . having a background of the same I still don't have any knowledge regarding exports. Call me for the session guide me I pray to God will bless you for helping me and orphan kid's. Please revert me earliest happy diwali sir.

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