4 Frequently asked questions about GSTIN registration and answers

GST registration, commonly asked four questions and answers


Update on 03rd July, 2017


I have applied for registration and have not received ARN. What shall I do?

Please complete your application procedure, ARN will be generated.

4 Frequently asked questions about GSTIN registration and answers
I have not received ARN or have received ARN but not GSTIN. How do I supply goods or service or both?

You can supply goods or services or both on invoice without mentioning GSTIN and/ or ARN. On receipt of GSTIN, you will need to issue revised invoice mentioning GSTIN. You are required to reflect this supply in your return and also pay tax thereon.

I have migrated and received Provisional ID but not GSTIN. How do I supply goods or service or both?

Provisional ID (PID) will be your GSTIN. You can supply goods or services or both specifying PID as your GSTIN on Invoice.

I was registered under Central Excise or Service Tax, but could not migrate and therefore have taken a new registration. Will I be eligible for transitional credit?

 In your new registration application, if you have referred to your past registration no. of Central Excise or Service Tax, you will be eligible for transitional credit under Section 140 of CGST Act, 2017 read with Rule 117 of CGST Rules, 2017


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CGST Act, value of taxable supply under GST


CGST Act, Obligation to furnish information return


CGST Act, Power to collect statistics


CGST Act, Bar on disclosure of information


Taking assistance from an expert, CGST Act


Power to take samples, CGST Act


Burden of proof, CGST Act

Authority for advance ruling, Section 96 of CGST Act, 2017           

Section 94 of CGST Act, 2017 Liability in other cases        

Liability to pay tax, interest or penalty in certain cases, Sec 93 CGST Act  

Section 90 Liability of partners of firm to pay tax, CGST Act, 2017

Liability of agent and principal, Sec 86 of CGST Act, 2017

Provisional attachment to protect revenue in certain cases, Sec 83 of CGST Act, 2017        

Recovery of tax, Section 79 of CGST Act, 2017

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CGST Act, Disclosure of information by a public servant


CGST Act, Publication of information in respect of persons in certain cases


Eligibility and conditions for taking input tax credit, CGST Act


Assessment proceedings, not to be invalid on certain grounds, CGST Act


Rectification of errors apparent on the face of record, CGST Act


 Bar on jurisdiction of civil courts, CGST Act


CGST Act, Levy of fee


CGST Act, Power of Government to make rules


CGST Act, Power to make regulations


CGST Act, Laying of rules, regulations and notifications


CGST Act, Delegation of powers


CGST Act, Power to issue instructions or directions


Service of notice in certain circumstances, CGST Act

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Revised GST rate on Perfumes and toilet waters

Revised GST rate on Beauty or make-up preparations

Revised GST rate on Preparations for use on the hair

Revised GST rate on Preparations for oral or dental hygiene

Revised GST rate on Pre-shave, after-shave, personal deodorants etc

Revised GST rate on Organic surface active products and preparations for washing the skin

Lowered down rate of GST on Mustard sauces

Lowered down rate of GST on sale or purchase of Coaxial cables

Diminished GST amount of rate on Ball bearing, Roller Bearings, Parts and related accessories

Diminished GST amount of rate on Rough precious and semi-precious stones


Reduced GST rate on Medical grade sterile disposable gloves of plastics

Minimized GST rates on Corduroy fabrics

Minimized GST rates on Idols of wood, stone and metals

GST rate changes 06th October, 2017

Reduced GST rates as per GST council meet 09th September 2017

Revised GST rates on 11th June, 2017

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GST council meet decision as on 06th October, 2017


rahul: RAte og gdt in rakhi

Deepak Kumar : Gst se jorne k Kya doucoment cahey

BHIM SINGH: how much digits are in GST No.

Ravish Singh : I am going to start flour mill. On flour there GST 0%just suggest me Which license I have to take like GSTin and Other and when I am going for billing I have to mention their 0% GST

Sahib Thind: I am an unauthorized retailer , how i can save my purchase material ' s tax ??

MR S CHOUDHURY: Kindly note I have already applied for GST REG-01 on line on 01-07-2017 but till today I have not received my GST NUMBER. I have the ARN AA1807170003775 for your ready reference please send my GST NO immediately otherwise I am facing problem in purchasing goods etc. Thanking you. SOUMEN CHOUDHURY 9435523435

G.Subramanian: I have registered under GST and ARN also given but subsequently I was informed that some queries were raised under SCN and asked to clarify the same. But when I seen the status it says Pending processing and when I tried to view the queries it states "No data were found". What will be my ARN position when there is no data available

Rahul singh: sir,i am going to registration under GST but i have problem with HSN code.what will be HSN code to me if i deal with more then ten taxable product that is fall different chapter with different rate.what HSN code i will mention in registration form during registration.it is mandatory to mention all goods HSN code.guide me please

Somenath Banerjee: Kindly note I have already applied for GST REG -01 online on 07/07/2017 .But till today I have not received my GST number.I have the ARN-AA190617044388Q for your ready reference.Please send my GST number immediately.Otherwise I am facing problems in purchasing and selling goods etc. Thanking you. SOMENATH BANERJEE. 9932654669

L. Ananthakrishnan: I had cancelled my GST registration due to closure of business. Now I want to fre apply. Kindly advise

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