12 Major risks and solutions in Imports and Exports


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Risks and solutions in International Business


12 Major risks and solutions in Imports and ExportsThis article enlightens you about the various types of risks involved in international business. I have written a couple of articles about the risks and solutions in international trade. However, this article explains in detail about the risks and solutions in import export business.


Business always has risk. Right? Risk is one of the hindrances under business. I believe, removal hindrances is success of business. Risk is one of the hindrances in Business.


Are there risks involved in international trade? If yes what are they? How many types of risks involved in an international trade? How to overcome each risk in import export trade? In this article, we are discussing about different categories of risks such as Commercial risks in export import, Political risks involved in international business, Risks arising out of foreign laws under import export business, Cargo risks in international trade, Credit risks under export import business and Foreign exchange fluctuations risks in international business.


The following are the links of my articles explaining in detail about risks in International business. I hope, you will have a good knowledge about risks in export import trade after reading those articles.


Commercial risks and solutions under Export Business

Political risks in International Trade

Risks arising out of foreign laws in Import Export Business

Cargo risks under Imports and Exports

Types of Policies to cover credit risks in Import Export Trade

Causes influencing price of export goods in Export Trade

Credit risks and solutions under International Business

Foreign exchange fluctuations risks and solutions in import export Business


I hope, I could enlighten you on various risks involved in import export business with solutions. Have you satisfied with the articles about risks in import export business and how can those risks be solved?


If you wish to add more information about those articles explaining about risks in international business and their solutions, you can also write below the space provided for it.


legal risks in import and exportShare your experience in handling international business risks and the way you have solved such risks in export import business.


Comment below your thoughts about these articles about Commercial risks in international business, Political risks in international trade, Risks arising out of foreign laws under international business, Cargo risks under export import business, Credit risks in import export trade and Foreign exchange fluctuations risks



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Risks and solutions in export business




Foreign Exchange Fluctuation Risks in Export Import Trade


What are the credit risks covered and not covered under Standard Policies under Import and Exports


Political Risks, one of the threats in International Business


Commercial Risks and its solution in Export Import business


12 Major risks and solutions in Imports and Exports

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Surendran Kollerath: Hi Muthukumaran, You can contact Shipping company / Air line Carriers to know the shipping charges

Fayyaz: Sir, Can you confirm me please if in a case the consignee dishonored his commitment or dishonored the consignment then what rule will be applicable internationally or where define these type of case in world custom rules or black law dictionary. awaiting yours. Regards, Fayyaz

Ramesh: We are planning to export Starch to Germany and Poland, There are import duty exemptions / concessions available for some European countries for export from India based on GSP Form ‘A’.Now I request you to advice is there any duty concession?

Neeraj Maithani: There are couple of doubt on the below column, which appear on the BOE, Please provide the definition of these column. BGRate BGAmt BondDebited BGDebited I understand these are applicable during EPCG or DEEC schemes. If it is possible, would you like to share the BOE and CHA Checklist in which above mentioned field display the value

jalaj tripathi : Starting export business as proprietor or private limited ,which will be more beneficial to do.please reply as i m on my way to be exporter . I have done Graduation and post graduation in International Business as specialization .i request you to join my gang .

Jaspal singh: I am doing graduation .and i am 19 only should i start this business now or should start later ..please give me some advise i need a expert's advise ..

m.k.kishore: hard wood charcoal hs code 44029090 whether export allowed from india is there any notification kindly advise

Abhishek: Hello to All, I want to export Paneer, Milk and other Milk Products. I want to know about the required documents to export these type of products.

R.C.Karthick: Hai Sir / Madam , I am planning to start a business in low budget. Import the products from foreign countries and then sell the products in our India with my own brand name. Mainly Electronics and Mechanical goods. i need the suggestion , advice and tips .mainly i need guide to import the goods without any problem in foreign and here (India). contact detail:karthick5143@gmail.com

karthik: Dear sir/madam, I want to do export business(vegatables and fruits).what are the ways for getting buyers.what are the procedure for sending these materials from india. what are the documents needed for export.Also tell me about safe payment mode.kindly reply

Prashant ghatage: plz advise how to calculate duty draw back Amt

Mohamed Nayeem: Sir can you informe me which are the countries dont need Who certified and registration to import Pharma in their countries. List of countries there are lot of pharma in India very small and dont have Who certification

Jabed: Thanks

Bhautik: Hello sir, I am 19 years only. Should i start export business now.

Gokul: Dear All, I am MBA Graduate and am intrested in doing Export and import business.. i need a Guidence from you people from the basic level.. kindly requesting you to train me exports and imports.. am ready to join as (intern/trainee) gokulhr831@gmail.com

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yash pal bhola : Dear sir we are importing coating and supply to controlled atmospheric cold storage people. Some customer saying Govt giving exemption for that what we have to do please suggest.

M Rahman: We are new launching import export firm based in maharashtra, our major concentration is on export to abroad in various commodities kindly provide me your contact details for further communication, your response can help us to make our vision wider.

John Botha : MY name is John Botha living in England and I just want to say thank you for this information/course you have made available. I am starting an import export business and have not found any help until i saw your course. I had no knowledge, so it has been a tremendous help to me in learning all about the industry, and I just wanted to let you know I appreciate all your hard work and dedication.

Balraj Baptist : My Name is Balraj from India (Basically mysore) settled in Mumbai and at present working in West Africa, I would like start import export Concern in India like home base business, My humble request can you help me how to set up business. Really I will appreciate your helping hand.

devashish mehra : I went through your website and i found it very interesting and useful. I am planning to start an import export bussiness so i want your guidance regarding that. Kindly show me.

Manish Singh Parihar : I have gone through on website and I am planning to start export import business.

manoj sankhlecha : I have done B.com and MBA in International trade. I saw your blog howtoexportimport.com. I want to learn import/export business under your guidance.

Sriram Balaji : I came across your website while browsing for information on how to start import & export business from Bangalore. I read through some of the information from your website and found to be very helpful. Further, I request your guidance on starting this business which I always dreamt of. Please let me know if you can mentor this dream of mine to succeed in this business upon which I will start working on the business plan based on your valuable input and feedback.

Bhalchandra Pawar : My self Bhalchandra Pawar looking forward to Export of pharmaceuticals/Medicines and chemicals. I have my own firm and having experience in international logistics and export management. i am in confusion how to start this business.

Subbarao : I am looking for expert advise on import and also export. I am planning to import copper scrap from England and sell in india. I want to know what is the requirement for clearing the container at Indian port for metal scrap copper wire scrap. I am also planning to reexport the imported copper wire scrap. I don't stock and sell. Entire container will go to my overseas customer. In this case can I get custom duty exemption.

syed Aneesul Hasan: i want expot tea powder from India. Further any other product from india. i have ied code liecence from Hyderaabad. Guide me to run the business to Saudi Arabia.

amarendra sharma: IMPORT EXPORT DATA

Mohd Hussain: Importer from Ghana is asking us to validate us as a verified supplier from ACCRA Ghana Court by charging us with a fee of around 500 DOLLAR (Company/Products Registration Fee Of $375.00 And Supply Validation Fee Of $120.00 (Which Agent Will Paid Them In Court To Register And Validates Your Company As A Foreign Company, Non Registered Firm In Ghana And First Time Supplier) to be paid to the agent to get our self verified Is this true

ritesh: I have been exporting spices in different countries since 2018. Recently I faced some problems while completing our last order, so I have some queries regarding that. I found your email address on internet and I would like to consult you regarding the same. It would be convenient for me if we can have telephonic conversation, if possible. I will be waiting for your reply as soon as possible.

ganesh: I happen to see your writings in web... Your service in guiding for business people in the business of imports and exports is remarkable... In my case...we were regularly importing materials from China from two sources... After few trades one seller received our advance payment n not moved the materials.... We We Chat with him many a times and he says he will send the material .... But no material was moved....now he is not replying... Kindly guide me... What should I do to get back my advance payment... Hope to receive a valuable reply from your good selves

nishanth: 1)I have one doubt regarding advance payment (30%)made against one of our import consignment which was received on port but due to poor quality, goods are to be returned back from port itself since it was not as per intended sample but issue is that our supplier from overseas is not ready to make payment back to us hence I am worried that is there any dispute arise from FEMA or any other act for this payment and we made payment against PI only so is there any legal action may be initiated against us for this payment? 2) Secondly, my supplier is not making our payment back, what legal action i can initiate against it in this case?

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