What is said to contain in Bill of Lading.


t is said to contain in Bill of Lading.

This is one of the common questions I have been receiving. Why Bill of Lading showing as ‘said to contain’, What is the meaning of ‘said to contain’, Why shipping line mentions “said to contain” etc.

What is said to contain in Bill of Lading

You would have seen this term, just below the column ‘description of goods’.

As you know, Bill of lading is issued by carrier as the proof of receipt of goods as per the details mentioned. Exporter packs the goods at his place, labels and marks, and concealed before moving to customs station for export. Here, the carrier does not inspect the goods and confirm that the goods declared in Bill of lading are matched with the actual goods he received. Also carrier is not known about the ‘condition of contents of goods’ inside - whether the goods packed inside is damaged. So he is not aware of the exact nature of goods. If any claim arises, the carrier is responsible only on the total number of packages if Less Container Load shipments. He is not responsible for the contents of the parcel. For example, if the goods are described as ‘Glass vessels’, the Bill of lading mentions “said to contain” Glass vessels. It Means, ‘the shipper says that, the contents of packages are Glass vessels’. So, the carrier does not know, whether the contents are glass vessels or the said glass vessels are in good condition or damaged one.  Also read What is Said to weigh in Bill of Lading

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jude: really to good explaination.. Easy to understand

sunil das: I am working in Freight Forwarding Industries and we usually issue HBL for exporter in LCL Shipment & i have a question regarding we usually write in bill of lading SAID TO CONTAIN is that correct to write...either we should put SAID TO WEIGHT instead of this. SAID to container the term usually used for FCL container only...

Admin: Hi Sunil Das, SAID TO CONTAIN is mentioned in FCL and LCL, SAID TO WEIGH is mentioned under the column 'weight' in LCL or FCL. You may read different articles about SAID TO CONTAIN, SAID TO WEIGHT, SAID TO MEASURE etc. in this website

Clare: We wondered if you could advise us about "claussed" or "dirty" bills of lading. We asked for our used aircraft engines and logbooks to be shipped from America to England. The logbooks never turned up. I believe we have a Warsaw Bill of lading for the cargo. There seem to be three Bills of Lading. The cargo did travel by air, part of its journey by air. One says it is a Bill of lading printed at the top and seems to be a collection receipt for the trucking company. It has scribbles and scribbling out on it . It also has the wrong collection date Another is supposed to be a copy of the above, but has had a word erased from the hand written notes , a strange doted line across it , but has been copied over exactly apart from these differences.The trucking company sent us this one, who we believed lost our logbooks. Then we have the carriers Bill of Lading which they have not signed. With all the scribbles etc, would these first two be considers to be "dirty "bills of lading ? Also would the collection receipt/bill of lading have been handed over to the Carrier, by the trucking company to prove they had collected the cargo they were instructed to collect ?. If so should the carrier they have doubted the accuracy of their bills of lading with the hand written notes, date wrong and scribbling out ? The carrier has their name printed on the top of the third bill of lading which has the date it is loaded on the ship on it. They have not signed this. Does this mean they doubted the accuracy of their bills of lading? If they received the collection receipts/bills of lading from the trucking company which were covered with scribbles and notes and the wrong collection date, should they have contacted those involved to check that the details on the bills of lading were correct? They had seven working days between collection and loading onto the ship to do this.

John: Hello Clare, Please read article DIRTY BILL OF LADING/ CLAUSED BILL OF LADING in this website

V. SURESH: Sir, While issuing Delivery Order for LCL consignments, some consol agents are collecting the CFS LCL storage (CCTL) charges from the CHA and endorsing the D.O. validity period for taking delivery of the goods from CCTL CFS. In general practice, CHA / Importer will surrender the OBL with necessary D.O. charges to Consol agent and obtain D.O.. To complete customs inspection CHA will produce B/E and D.O. to CFS authority and get open chit. After completing custom formalities and obtaining the Out of Order charge from customs, CHA will submit D.O. and Custodian copy Bill of Entry to CFS authority and take delivery of the goods paying the necessary storage charge to CFS. HANDLING OF CARGO IN CUSTOMS AREAS REGULATIONS, 2009 It had described about the Responsibilities of customs cargo service provider in Sl. No: 6 sub S.No (2) The Customs Cargo Service provider approved for custody of imported or export goods and for handling of such goods shall not lease, gift, sell or sublet or in any other manner transfer any of the premises in a customs area; or sub contract or outsource functions permitted or required to be carried out by him in terms of these regulations to any other person, without the written permission of the Commissioner of Customs. (3)The Customs Cargo Service provider shall publish and display at prominent places including website or webpage of the Customs Cargo Service provider the schedule of charges for the various services provided by him in relation to the imported goods or export goods in the customs area. CCTL is customs notified Area. Can CCTL (Chennai Container terminal Ltd) allow the consol agent to collect the storage charges? CCTL is having tie up with some consol agent and doing this practice. Who are not tie upped with CCTL they are collecting the storage charges. Based on their D.O. CCTL is delivering the goods after collecting the storage charges. Are they violating Handling of the Cargo in Customs Areas Regulation,2009. Need your clarification Please. tKS V.SURESH

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