Amendment of Bill of Lading

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Correction/amendment of Bill of Lading


How to correct Bill of Lading after submitting to bank? Can a Bill of Lading be corrected after reaching BL at overseas buyer? How to amend a bill lading after its release from shipping carrier?


Procedures and formalities to amend a Bill of Lading:


Carrier issues bill of lading to exporter on receipt of goods for carriage after completing necessary export customs formalities and procedures. Once after releasing Bill of Lading, the said document is sent to overseas buyer through the shipper’s bank. Normally, after releasing Bill of lading, the supplier sends a copy to consignee electronically, either by mail or fax.


The supplier may come to know the discrepancy in bill of lading once after releasing BL by the carrier. If the discrepancy in Bill of lading is found before submitting documents with supplier’s bank, the amendment can be effected by submitting all originals with the freight forwarder at load port who issued BL. The freight forwarder who carries goods can amend bill of lading, only on the basis of export shipping documents authorized by customs authorities. So, any details of addition, deletion, or correction are subjected to the declaration by exporter mentioned in shipping documents.

If any details to be amended have not been mentioned in export shipping documents, the carrier can not amend bill of lading. In such cases, exporter or his customs broker need to amend the said shipping documents with customs firstly and after completion of such amendment in shipping bill, he canAmendment of Bill of Lading approach shipping liner(carrier) to amend Bill of Lading accordingly.


If an amendment is required once after submitting original bill of lading with shipper’s bank, the overseas buyer can amend the said original bill of lading once after receiving BL from his bank through shipper’s bank. At this time, the consignee needs to approach the shipping liner’s counter part office at consignee’s location. The carrier (shipping company) at consignee’s location needs a ‘No Objection’ letter or message to amend bill of lading from his counter part at load port who issued Bill of Lading. In turn, the shipping company at load port confirms the details to his counterpart at destination regarding amendment of BL. The freight forwarder at load port provides ‘no objection’ up to the extent of information available in export shipping bill submitted by exporter. If consignee needs to amend any details other than the details declared in export shipping bill, the exporter (shipper) can amend shipping bill at load port with customs and submit such amended shipping bill with shipping company , so as to enable him to send a ‘no objection’ to amend such information to include in bill of lading.


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Sudheer: Hello Everyone I am facing some issues related to BL amendment kindly help me to short this. we have imported a machine from China under Letter of Credit. In the LC the company name spelled wrong due to typing mistake of bank officials & the BL prepared as per the LC and we have n't checked untill the machine reaches India. Now we as a importer wants to have an idea of how to change the BL issue by china company to correct the BL to make the necessary changes in the BL.

milton nyenje: i want to change the name on bill of lading which is not standing as the rightful owner however; i assisted a physically handicapped person to purchase a car mitsubishi chariot grandis through nextacars and processed by akiba keisuke .the car is now handied at dar es salaam port and that disabled person is now quiring about his car.his name is sifundo khanye and he need the bill of lading to call his name in order to have access for his car.myself as stipulated on the bill of lading i am not the rightful owner of the please assist this disabled person to have the right of his car.akiba keisuke knows the whole procession of the car and the original bill of lading is in the custody of godson kileo in dar es salaam standing as nextagecars agent.i and this person we are all citizens of zimbabwe. please kindly reply me through the email above

kautukraut : In our shipments document in all the documents we have same description except we found a mistake while claiming rebate application. Can this creates problem. Is their any way to rectify it was totally clearing agents mistake. Kindly guide me for this

Admin: kautukraut, It is the duty of the exporter to provide clear information to clearing agent or issuing carrier about the details to be mentioned in Bill of Lading and export shipping bill. Normally, Export Invoice is prepared in such a way to fulfill all required information and same is followed by CHA to mentioned in export shipping bill which is the reference to issue Bill of Lading by shipping carrier.

Sumeet Agarwal : We are located in Gujarat and we have been working with one company in IZMIR, Turkey by exporting our Brass Components to them, over two years. Our payment terms were 100% direct payment against BL, when material reaches at their IZMIR Port. However from past couple of months our customer have created a false problem in our materials, and have blocked our payment and materials lying at their IZMIR port. IN this, they requested for one BL, to deliver without payment on credit basis and asked us to continue the production and supply for the same. Hence we supplied 3 more lots, now lying at Izmir Port, for which they are not paying or allowing us to take material back. Also they are not paying the BL sent them on credit basis. We visited them in 2nd week of June to resolve the issue, but we receive no response from them. Now they are asking for 75% discount else they will not provide us NOC letter, because of which we could take our materials back to INDIA. Even that, they first want Original BLs lying with us, after that they will make 25% payment, for which we are not sure even. Although we do not agree on their terms. Can you provide any help to us in this matter, please confirm.

mark mumo: hello can someone sent me a copy of a draft bill of lading of imported goods kindly

Ishwer Dutt : My name is Ishwer and I am writing you from Germany. Sir I started import and Export Company last year. I Export some products from europen countries to europen countries only. Mostly direct by trucks. Now I have a buyer from Kuwait who wants to purchase onions and potatoes from India. Please help me how can i prevent it that the supplier does not come in direct contact with importer/buyer. How to Switch bill of lading and invoice etc.? Is it leagal to do? You have excellent knowledge of Import and Export I would request you to please help me to check all documents before any payment is made to the supplier. As this is my first international shipment. The seller is from Brazil.

Rajan P: We have purchased material with 0.1% tax and exported but not mentioned suppliers gst and invoice number in bl what is proceedure for rectifying this error

Russell Brock: Thanks for the interesting article. How does the consignee get an amendment to the Bill of Lading once the container has arrived in the destination country. I have a Container arrived in Egypt and the Bill of Lading has a wrong number on it which needs to be modified (the advanced Cargo Information Declaration – or ACID – number) which is a number that the Egyptian import department use for all documentation relating to a particular shipment. I just need to know the normal process for a consignee to get a Bill of Lading changed.

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