Dimension of Cargo Containers

Measurements of export Cargo Containers


container dimensionHere let us discuss about measurement of different types of containers . This information helps domestic and international trade to know more about the dimension specification of different types of containers.


These details surely support importers and exporters to plan before stuffing of goods to each type of container.


Dimension information about each types of container has been explained in separate article in this website which makes you clear idea about each type of containers. The web link explaining about measurement of each type of container is explained below:


Normal Dry Container 20’ (click here to read dimension)
Normal dry cargo container 40’ (click here to read dimension)
High cube Containers 40’ (click here to read dimension)
Open Top Container 20’ (click here to read dimension)
Open Top Containers 40’ (click here to read dimension)
Refrigerated Container 40’ (click here to read dimension)
Aluminum Refrigerated container 20 feet (click here to read dimension)
High cube aluminum refrigerated container 40’ (click here to read dimension)
Insulated Container Parthole type 20’ (click here to read dimension)
Insulated Container Porthole type 40’ (click here for dimension)
Hard Top Container 20’ (click here for dimension)
Hard Top Container 40 foot (click here to read dimension)
Platform Container 20’ (click here to read dimension)
Platform containers 40’ (click here to read dimension)
Ventilated Container 20’ (click here to read dimension)
Flat rack Container 20’ (click here to read dimension)
Flat rack Container 40’ (click here for dimension)

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Comment below your thoughts, knowledge and experience in handling different types of containers with different dimension.


GST rate payable for goods or service, click here


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Different types of export containers


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Siva.: I am doing garments business. Sir, I want to know some details from you. 1.) Sir, how can we directly approach Air Cargo or Sea Cargo without Freight Forwarders ? 2.) is it possible to choose our Cargo Service providers direcly by us without a Freight forwarding agent ? 3.) Whether we need Customs Clearance agents for Customs Clearance purposes, if we keep documents perfectly, won't we manage by us ? 4.) Sir, i have inquiries from Malaysia for jasmine flowers, so there is no direct flight service to Malaysia from Madurai, so, how can i approach this ?

Balraj: It would be grateful if you could explain in detail the below chapters 1) Container placement 2) Vessel date cut off 3) Form 13 in shipping and related issues

Admin: Hi sive, You may directly approach an IATA agent to carry your cargo. You can directly handle shipments without appointing a freight forwarder. You can directly complete export or import customs clearance procedures and formalities without a Customs clearance agents. You can arrange to contact air carrier to move your shipments from Madurai to Malaysia by transhipment, if direct flights not available.


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Pradeep Andhare : I am about to commence an Export transaction and happen to be abeginner in this line.I may be handling an export to USA from China that requires 72 containers per month. Who bears the cost of these containers?My supplier is claiming that our shipping agent will need to makethese available? The shipments are FOB China Ports.I will be grateful if you could enlighten me on this

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najma qureshi: Thanks for sharing this information. Its real helped in knowing how to make shipping of goods possible overseas.

CMA G.L.Sharma: the release order concept in case on inland LC documents not received by bank ,Can we get Release order on copy received by mail

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