Specification details of 40 foot Refrigerated container



Measurement sizes of 40’ Refrigerated container


In this post I explain about 40’Refrigerated container which includes inner measurement and door opening measurement of  40’ Refrigerated container, volume capacity, tare weight and loading capacity of 40’Refrigerated container.


Refrigerator containerWhat is the dimension of 40’Refrigerated container?

What is the inner dimensions of 40’Refrigerated container (Interior dimension of 40’Refrigerated container) ?

The inner measurement of 40’Refrigerated container in milli meter, meter and feet)

Length = 11679mm   (11.679meter or 38’ 4’’ or 38 feet 4inches)
Width = 2286mm  (2.286 meter or 7’ 6” or 7 feet 6 inches)

Height = 2211mm   (2.211 meter or 7’3” or 7 feet 3 inches)


What is the door opening width and door height of a 40’Refrigerated container in mm, meter and foot?

The door opening width of 40’Refrigerated container is 2286mm (2.286meter or 7’6” or 7 feet 6 inches) and door height 2169mm (2.169meter or 7’ 1” or 7 feet 1  inches).


The cubic capacity of a 40’Refrigerated container?
The cubic capacity of a 40’Refrigerated container is 2083cuft   (59cu.m)   


Tare Weight of 40’Refrigerated container?
Tare weight of a 40’Refrigerated container is 4100kgs   (9039lb)


What is the maximum Gross.weight of 40’Refrigerated container?
Maximum Gross.weight of 40’Refrigerated container is 26380kgs  (58158lbs)

The information on measurement and weight mentioned may vary slightly from one brand owner to another.   Some of the top cargo container owners are NYK, Evergreen, CMA-CGM, Maersk, MSC, Hapag Lloyd, APL, Cosco, Hanjin, CSCL.  You may reconfirm exact weight, measurement and other details from container owner or their agent.  Also read Refrigerated Containers (Reefer Containers)Different types of Containers


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In this post I explained about 40’Refrigerated container which includes volume capacity of Forty foot Equipment Unit, tare weight and loading capacity of 40’Refrigerated container, inner measurement and door opening measurement of 40’Refrigerated container.

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