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Delivery Order in import – How to release goods from Shipping company?


The term ‘Delivery Order’ is used in Imports and Exports at two different areas. Delivery Order in terms of delivery of goods by carrier and Delivery of empty container for stuffing by sea carriers.


Here we discuss about Delivery Order in terms of Delivery of Goods to consignee by carrier.


What is Delivery Order? When does shipping company release Delivery Order? How to release goods from Shipping Company?


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Delivery order is the order given by carrier to the party to take delivery of goods.  Once cargo arrived at port of destination, the goods are moved to customs bonded area where in customs clearance procedures are carried out.  If the cargo is Less Container Load (LCL), it is stored in the container freight station warehouse.   The import cargo will be under the custody of CFS authorities whoacts as ‘custodian of cargo’. 

Custodian of cargo can be a private party, semi-government, or fully owned by government authorities.  However, custodian of cargo in a bonded area can release the goods to the party only with the permission of Customs authorities and the carrier of cargo.  The carrier of cargo means, the shipping, freight forwarding or transport company who carries goods  to the port of final destination.  Once after arrival of cargo at final customs port of destination, the said carrier of goods issues delivery order to consignee  (or his order) after collecting necessary charges if any.   The importer or his customs broker completes import customs formalities by filing necessary documents and inspection of cargo procedures completes if applicable.  Once after completion of import customs formalities, the importer or his authorized agent approaches custodian of cargo along with the delivery order issued by carrier of goods to release the cargo.   The custodian of cargo verifies the proof of completion of import customs clearance procedures and delivery order, release the cargo to importer. 


Along with delivery order, carrier need to collect original bill of lading issued by his counterpart at port of loading pertaining to the said shipment unless otherwise the said document surrendered or  released as  ‘Sea Way Bill’.  Also read Surrender of Bill of Lading – Some facts    What is Express Release Bill of Lading   Is Seaway bill a document of title? What is Seaway bill.


Consignee “To Order” in Bill of Lading


I hope, I could satisfy about this simple term ‘Delivery Order’ in imports and exports.


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Javeed Hussain: Thank you for yoru detailed explanation on DO. I was working as inside sales in saudi who also handles import and export.

Saraf Khan: it is very helpful. thanks. Saraf

rupinder dhillon: which kind of things comes in delivery order? how delivery order amount is decided?

MD.KAWSER: what is export and import???

Roshan Laishram : I have been reading your website and it has helped me a lot so far. My name is Roshan Laishram, I live in my home town, Imphal. I graduated from St. Joseph's College of Arts and Science, Bangalore and PG (International Business) from University of Winchester, England. I am very new in this Import Export business. I know a little bit of knowledge, but I don't have any experience in this industry. I am planning to Import readymade garments from Dhaka to Imphal and my interest of port is Sea Port, Kolkata. So, please advise me the procedures in order, if you can. I hardly email others but this is just random and it's surprising to me. I don't even know you and never thought about this whole thing. May be it was meant to be.



Mik: Excuse me, can a Delivery Order be released before the arrival of the cargo?

T.shiva: My items no delivery Yamaha rx100 bikes and iPhone s

Manik Roy Chowdhury: Roshan Laishram kindly contact me .I am from Kolkata

Dragana : We engaged a shipping company to send our household from Australia to Germany “Door to door” Service. The storage costs and if unloading container was not included in the invoice. This costs are now too high and they say they won’t deliver our goods until we pay everything. Do they have the right to keep our goods indefinitely? We do want to pay additional costs but not all as we think they should have communicated the costs in advance and, since they caused a delay that we are not responsible for the storage costs. What to do?

Khan: Hi, everyone. Delivery Order fees must be paid by the Consignee whos container is in the port and Delivery Order must be taken after the vessel arrived in the port. Before Vessel arrival D/O cannot be issued.

Ibrahim: Thank You so much for your detailed information. Really it was so helpful. recently I'm working in Modjo,Dry Port (ESLSE,Ethiopia)

karan: We had sold a machinery to a Chennai based Company in India against domestic LC. The company received the shipment and then exported exactly the same material to myanmar in July 2018 through Cosco shipping line through 3 containers and after that it refused to accept the documents presented against LC. Thus refusing us our payment. They have received payment against the shipment, as verified by Indian Customs department, India (Shipping bill issued by customs and BRC(bank realization certificate) is attached) After FIR was registered against them and the bank, The Chennai based company is claiming that the shipment is held at Yangon port, Myanmar. But in actual the shipment was delivered to buyer before. We cross checked it on the website of Cosco shipping line and the following details were shown that the shipment was loaded and was GATE-OUT from Final Hub (screenshots attached). Sir, How can we prove that FND (Final destination) as shown in attachment means "it is a consignee's designated place".

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