CTM Cargo Transfer Manifest

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What is Cargo Transfer Manifest? How does Cargo Transfer Manifest – CTM – work?


Once after completing customs formalities for export, the exporter or his customs broker submits all required documents pertaining to the said shipment to airlines (carrier) to move the goods to final destination.  Unlike sea shipments, documents related to each air shipment is accompanied along with the cargo to final destination in a pouch.   This document contains airway bill, House airway bill where ever applicable, Invoice, Packing list etc.


CTM Cargo Transfer Manifest

A separate pouch of shipper to consignee also may be enclosed along with the cargo where ever applicable.  CTM documents contains airway bill issued by IATA agent and their instruction to carrier with the necessary declaration and instructions by aircraft as carrier of goods. These declarations along with airway bill  and other  required documents  are duly signed and rubber stamped by IATA. 


Once after completion of  export customs formalities, exporter or their authorized customs house agent hand over CTM to the carrier along with shipping bills which is  a legal document required to  move goods out of country  as proof of completion of export customs clearance procedures.    Once after receiving CTM documents, the carrier arranges to move the goods for export.


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belokin: I serve in a Christian ministry. Cross Catholic Outreach which is a 501c3 Catholic relief and development ministry that provides food, shelter, medical care, water, education, self-help programs, care for orphans, and emergency relief to the poorest of the poor around the world in the name of Christ. I prepare all of the export documentation for the humanitarian assistance we send abroad (these are not commercial but donation shipments) I worked in for-profit corporations in my youth about 40 years ago, I know that many changes have occurred during this time. In those days I never came across a manifest being called “Manifest no Value”, but “Unrated Manifest”. Now that I’m working for a non-profit organization, I have been trying to have them change the title of this document to what I believe is a more proper one; perhaps I am in the wrong, but I always thought that “Manifest no Value” does not sound professional, and that “Unrated Manifest” would be a more suitable name.

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