What is EPCG How EPCG works in Export Import trade?

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What is EPCG? How does EPCG work in Export Import trade?


What does EPCG mean? How to obtain an EPCG License? What are the procedures and formalities under EPCG – Export Promotion Capital Goods? Can manufactured goods under EPCG scheme be sold to Domestic Tariff Area?


EPCG is a term used in India under exports and imports. EPCG means, Export Promotion Capital Goods. EPCG is one of the schemes provided by government of India to importers and exporters to promote exports.


In simple and easy language, EPCG is a scheme related to machinery, machinery parts and similar goods.


You (exporter) are a manufacturer exporter; you would like to import machineries in your factory from foreign country. As I have explained previously, government What is ECGC and how does ECGC protect exporters supports exporters who earn foreign currency in various levels of financial assistance, exemption of import duty etc. In this case, the machineries you are importing are used for manufacturing of goods which are required to be exported where in you earn foreign exchange. However, you need to pay good amount at a time and you will get benefit of the imported machineries in coming years only.

Apart from other financial assistance for exporters, you can get exemption of 100% import duty amount while importing such machineries. When obtaining EPCG license from government, you guarantee that you will export required amount or quantity of goods for next 5 years. EPCG is a good facility provided to exporters and importers by government on exemption of import duty amount.


 How to obtain an EPCG License? What are the procedures and formalities under EPCG – Export Promotion Capital Goods?


The importer has to approach for EPCG license from licensing authority – Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT). Application for EPCG with necessary supporting documents is filed with DGFT. Based on the amount of import duty exemption, the value addition is fixed up and export obligation has to be fulfilled accordingly. If you could not complete the export obligation in time specified by licensing authority, you may be permitted to get extended the export obligation period for further period of time. However, if you have already finished export obligation, you can sell the manufactured goods locally also in domestic tariff area (DTA).


I hope I have clarified about Export Promotion Capital Goods EPCG in simple language to make you easily understand. Have you satisfied with this article about EPCG – Export Promotion Capital Goods? Would you like to add more information about Export Promotion Capital Goods – EPCG?


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 Click here to read about EPCG scheme under Foreign Trade Policy 2015-20


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vinod kumar: Very nice Information and keep it up

Vinod Dixit: Thank you. the information is quite helpful.

Kaushik: kindly provide me the detailed procedure for obtaining the EPCG License from DGFT office.

Gaurav Sharma: Thank you. the information is quite helpful. I would like to know whether a manufacture can sell goods in India without completing export obligation.

Yogesh: Dear sir, When the goods will be cleared under LUT. Can we Mention IEC Code & EPCG Licence No.in A.R.E.1 ? Regards, Yogesh.

Ankit Panchal: Hi, Thank you very much for the information regarding EPCG license in very simple language. May i know what are the obligation for export under EPCG license, is there any limitation for export.

Surendran Kollerath: Hi Ankit Panhal, I have provided a brief idea about EPCT license and its function. You may approach DGFT office near to you to have more details about norms or visit DGFT official website.

Surendran Kollerath: Hi Ankit Panhal, I have provided a brief idea about EPCT license and its function. You may approach DGFT office near to you to have more details about norms or visit DGFT official website.

Surendran Kollerath: Hi Yogesh, Concerned authorities allows importers/exporters to move goods provisionally against LUT. You can mention IEC code and EPCG Licence number in ARE1

Surendran Kollerath: Hi Gaurav Sharma, You may contact licensing authority (DGFT) of EPCG and collect recent norms under EPCG scheme about DTA - Domestic Tariff Area - sales.



vinod nagrecha: I would like to know complete procedure. upto availing benefits.Particularly procedure involved in procuring and installing the machineries.Certificates required tobe submitted to authorities in this regard and inspections involved etc. Can anybody throw light ?

VIJENDRA PAINULY: dear exporter we purchased a machine under EPCG scheme duty saved approx. 1 crore but we could not make export sale within given time in condition sheet, now we have to deposited saved duty or period will be extend ..?

NAVEEN RAWAT: If an manufacturer is selling goods to an exporter and exporter is exporting goods outside India. In that can the manufacturer claims EPCG licenses

atul parkhe: thanks>>>>

Suresh Ramani: if i am importing some machines then after want to do export in such a case can i go for epcg scheme, can i get benefit of duty on export machinery?.

atul matlhur: i want to import toys from china waht license

phichit: for selling goods to as export the goods have to produce in the machinery or we can export without mahcinery

shaikh tanveer husain: THANKS FOR THE BRIEF EXPLANATION Very nice Information .

avishek mahajan: Vould you please tell me about focus market scheme and focus product scheme in a proper way

Amey Kemant Kadam: this information is helping for new comers like me. Thank you sir/mam. This information is helping us lot

Heta Patel: Hi, is there any restrictions on use of the machinery on a certain address or on a certain plant or their disposal which was exported?

madhan: Hi, Thanks for nice clarification and please let me no about the application also means how fill it and how to apply it plz revert back me ASAP.

Lava Kumar: Thank you for your explanation, it is more usefull to us.

kant dabholkar: is import of second hand printing and allied machinery permitted under epcg scheme kant dabholkar

VUM Rao: Hope, based on quantum of exemption of duty, E.O. is being fixed. Kindly give us details about the same and No. of years we should take to fulfill E.O.ineach category. Whether E.O. fixed should be discharged over & above the value of average exports done last 3 years Your clarification would help us to understand the EPCG Licence completely.

Bharath J: Thank you for your brief explanation.... kindly tell the supporting documents and annexures for obtaining EPCG license

K.V.PADMANABHAN UNNI: Thank you for your valuable information regarding EPCG formalities

shah.N: In case of 2nd hand machinery export can we get benefit in import of 2nd hand machinery? Export of engine and generator - hydraulic parts and units

Vinayak Choudhary: Thanks for your write up. Is it necessary to exports goods manufactured out of the imported machinery only?. If we have various products / production lines, is the sum total of exports of all products used for meeting export obligations.Thanks

raminderjit singh: please can someone tell me, what is export obligation period ?

Rupesh Patil: Nicely explained, Very easy to understand Thanks

Sudheer: Hello Please help me in the following issue. We have obtained an EPCG License for importing machine and registered with Customs with the required documents along with the BG. due to some modifications required in the Description of the machine we are importing we have amended the EPCG after the registration. Now the question is Is i have to re-register the license in customs before submitting the documents for final clearance of the machine? Please help us in this issue. Early reply is highly appreciated.

Rajender jindal : We need EPCG license for domestic purchase of machinery. Plz suggest.

SAJJAN PAUL : Do you help in procuring EPCG licenses for import of machinery? We have never exported before.

Santosh Dubey : please send import procedure of capital goods(machinery)

Amitabh Himanshu: Whether any Exchange Control Copy is issued for EPCG Licenses ?

Ebanesar: I want to start exim license buying and selling business on commission basis. I have some clients. Kindly give me some ideas

KAMAL: I understood everything about EPCG. But if you could give one example, It would be highly appreciated...

SANDESH RAGHUNATH MORE: Dear, Surendran Your information for obtaining EPCG Authorization is very much helpful. After getting more licences in consecative years we have provide provide details of exports counted for fulfilling specific EO. Further ANF 5A regarding EO pending. How to calculate Export Obligation Imposed ??? I am confused How to calculate Annual Average related Third party Exports ?? Please specify. I solicit your co operation. Regards Sandesh More

Mohandas: Dear Sir I want to no if our linence is redeemed from DGFT, is it necessary that the manufactured goods should be from that particular capital goods imported and if not produced from that machinary what should be the solution coz third party export already done n licence is redeemed

Istarla.S: Dear Sir, We have paid customs duty and imported various goods. Now can we avail EPCG benefit for the imports which have already been received? Plz. clarify. Regards, I.S

Sanjay Jadhav: Can manufactured goods under EPCG scheme be sold to Domestic Tariff Area?

saf: Do we still require a chartered engineer's certification on the EPCG application?

Chirag Jain: I am importing some second hand goods from UK in September 2015. I just want to know that EPCG 2015 scheme will provide benefit on second hand machinery or not..??

SS HNAQVI : We wish to import some equipment and machinery for setting up a green field project. The green field project is 1.2 Million Ton Per Annum capacity Iron Oxide Pelletisation Plant. A couple of years back Govt of India has given custom duty waiver or reduced custom duty for import of such equipment and machinery as capex for being part of a Pelletisation Plant.What are the options for import of such items and what will be duty implication or what will be our export obligation under EPCG?

Sorabh Jain : Under FTP 2009-14, there were Zero percentage Duty EPCG and Concessional Duty EPCG Schemes for import of Capital Goods with different export obligations. However, Under FTP2015-2020, there is only Zero percentage Duty EPCG Scheme. Has Concessional Duty EPCG Schemes been withdrawn or replaced by any other provision?, Can you please confirm this with provisions if available.

kulkarni sudhir raghunath: if there is need proforma invoice & bill of exchange to dispatch goods to under EPCG SCHEMES TO SEZ. but sez is made only export purpose . why need proforma invoice & bill of exchange

Gargi A. Ranade : Indeed nice article. however I have some practical queries on EPCG Sales. We are EOU and manufacturer of Machines and Molds. We clear our machines in DTA against EPCG license of our customer . I understand that such sale to DTA unit by EOU against EPCG license is Deemed Export. However , as per policy provision EOU Unit is allow to sale its products in DTA Market to the extent of 50% of FOB Exports. My query is do we need to deduct the EPCG Sale from 50% FOB Exports while calculating our balance DTA sales entitlement. In other words do we need to consider EPCG Sale as DTA sale while calculating our DTA Sales entitlement.

Vibhawari Gavali: There is need to write face value of EPCG on From A1? Then how to find Face Value of EPCG Licence?

Bovan: I am not able to carry out the export obligation and the business went down. Is there any way to getting over the crisis against EPCG scheme?

vikas singh shekhawat: sir which course is best in the export field that can give desired salary.

Hardik: How to calculate of Average Export Obligation under EPCG as per FTP 2015-20?

Tarun K. Jain: We need some expert advice on EPCG license.

Sachin: can we get benefits of advance and epcg license to move our stock from India to overseas warehouse.

Manojkumar : Dear Sir, Many thanks for your kind information. Very simple and understandable easily.


SAKSHI TIWARI: Dear Sir, Our company is purchasing machinery from India & want to apply for EPCG licence for purchasing machine without payment of Excise Duty (6%). I want to know procedure for EPGC licence application & use EPCG licence for purchasing machine. Thanks

MANISH: Dear Sir, greetings!!! we are planning to import a machinery under the EPCG scheme. Sir if we make any SALE to an EXPORTER(EOU) for the purpose of export, Sir will this sale be counted as sale under EXPORT OBLIGATION? Thanks and regards

Ashok Borade: We require the As per Para 5.10 (d) of HBP 2015-20 1. format not available. pls. arrange: A copy of agreement entered into between the authorization holder an the ultimate exporter undertaking to export the goods manufactured by the authorization holder/supporting manufacturer for fulfillment of the export obligation against EPCG authorization in question. ( format required) 2. An undertaking from the 3rd party on a stamp paper, declaring that the products exported for fulfilment of EO by them on behalf of the license holder as per details given in the statement of exports were manufactured by the license holder ( format required)

Harinder singh: Hello sir , your explanations are very useful and very simple to understand. I want to know about AD code. What is the meaning of this code. And how it works? And why it is necessary?

Ravi Tomar: Chartered Engineer Certification is mandatory to get EPCG Licence from Government. I am a Chartered Engineer. Please contact me if any-one required Chartered Engineer Certification. Cell No. 8881396139

Baskar Bollipalli : I had seen your website it was really nice and we have IEC code but now we don't know the doc where it kept but we need to know IEC code from Internet so My company name is M/s Sainergy Fuel Cell India Pvt Ltd., and also what is AD code please explain sir

Manish Singhal : We are a public limited company with various manufacturing divisions namely 1. Bhavik Terryfab, for manufacturing home textile 2. Mantika Gartex, for garments We are not setting up a new division namely Ultra Polycoats, this unit will be involved in manufacturing PVC leather cloth. All the machines for this division will imported and we want to import the machines under EPCG. My question is can we use exports of our other units to fulfil export obligation under EPCG for the new division. IEC #, TIN # etc are same for all the divisions as they are all owned by one company. We have common balance sheet. Please advice.

maulik: Dear Sir., Any manufacturer who are only producing and selling same goods to exporter so, could manufacturer apply for EPCG ? IF YES HOW HE COULD FULL FILL OBLIGATION ? regards, MAULIK

Suresh Ramanathan : One "A"company imported one machine under Epcg. Another "B" company is a manufacturing company in Special Economic Zone. "A" company giving painting of components of "B" company. The components say punches, dies etc are fitted in the machine of "B" company. The "B" company is exporting chemicals produced from the machine. In their invoice showing Epcg license no and company name. Can this value be taken for Export obligation. Please clarify. Thanks sir in advance.

prachi jain : Respected Sir, With reference to the above captioned subject, I would like to know the following: • Is the export obligation of 6 times of duty saved is over and above the annual average performance to be maintained by the importer of Capital Goods? • What are the remedies available to such importer in case, he is not able fulfil the obligation? • Is annual average performance as calculated from the average of exports made in preceding last three years, to be maintained each year for the block of 6/8 years? Sir, I am a qualified Chartered Accountant, and one of my client has got above problems. Could you please guide me on the above matter?

prasanna: i need full import procedure method please let me know...

Shital Amit Mahadik: My self Shital Mahadik,I would like to import spares relating to earlier EPCG License.What would be procedure and how to apply to DGFT for the same?Please educate.

vishwali korgaonkar: thank you somuch for providing such a nice information in easy words

BHARAT SHAH: We had a big order of export. Can we mentioned two EPCG License in one invoice. Is there any procedure ? One EPCG license obligation fulfilled half and another epcg license obligation is zero. How we can do it.

ajay zachariah mathew : we have purchased a machinery under EPCG scheme after obtaining Authorization and Invalidation from JDGFT, Kochi. We have fulfilled our export obligation as precribed in the Authorisation/Invalidation. We could not attain the target average Annual Turn Over as prescribed in the authorisation. JDGFT is not accepting our request for con-donation of the short fall which is very meager and allowing us to redeem the authorization and asking us to pay Customs duty and penalty. for redeeming the authorization . Where we have to approach for relaxation of the shortfall and redeem the authorization and get the authorization redeemed..

Abhishek M Dhanresha: We are a ssi unit producing towels in Maharashtra solapur We would like to j ow from you how much percentage bank guarantee to be made against duty saved amount under epcg scheme Our container has already landed in nhavasheva port

vilas Bhalerao: Is this EPCG license applicable on Pre Engineering Building?

satyavan mohite: Very useful information in easy words... thanks a lots.

Yogesh: Can company avail EPCG benefit only on customs duty and take cenvat credit on IGST If its paid oin cash at the time of import.

sachin Pradhan : Can EPCG license be used if the import is from say country A and export is to country B.

arjun singh: What is Role in Charted Engineer in EPCG License process?

sandeep: Dear exporter we purchased a machine under EPCG scheme duty saved approx. 1 crore but we could not make export sale within given time in condition sheet, now we have to deposited saved duty or period will be extend ..?

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