EPCG under Foreign Trade Policy 2015-20

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Export Promotion Capital Goods (EPCG) scheme under Export Import Policy 2015-2020



The objective of the EPCG Scheme under Indian Foreign Trade Policy 2015-20  is to facilitate import of capital goods for producing quality goods and services to enhance India’s export competitiveness.


1EXIM policy 2015-20EPCG Scheme Export Promotion Capital Goods under Export Import Policy 2015-20

(a) EPCG Scheme under Import Export Policy 2015-20 allows import of capital goods for pre-production, production and post-production at Zero customs duty. Alternatively, the Authorization holder may also procure Capital Goods from indigenous sources in accordance with provisions of paragraph 5.07 of FTP. Capital goods for the purpose of the EPCG scheme shall include:

(i) Capital Goods as defined in Chapter 9 including in CKD/SKD condition thereof;

(ii) Computer software systems;

(iii) Spares, moulds, dies, jigs, fixtures, tools & refractories for initial lining and spare refractories; and

(iv) catalysts for initial charge plus one subsequent charge.

(b) Import of capital goods for Project Imports notified by Central Board of Excise and Customs is also permitted under EPCG Scheme.

(c) Import under EPCG Scheme Import Export Policy 2015-20 shall be subject to an export obligation equivalent to 6 times of duty saved on capital goods, to be fulfilled in 6 years reckoned from date of issue of Authorization.

(d) Authorization shall be valid for import for 18 months from the date of issue of Authorization. Revalidation of EPCG Authorization shall not be permitted.


(e) In case countervailing duty (CVD) is paid in cash on imports under EPCG, incidence of CVD would not be taken for computation of net duty saved, provided CENVAT is not availed.

(f) Second hand capital goods shall not be permitted to be imported under EPCG Scheme under Exim Policy 2015-20.

(g) Authorization under EPCG Scheme as per IMPEX Policy 2015-20  shall not be issued for import of any Capital Goods (including Captive plants and Power Generator Sets of any kind) for

(i) Export of electrical energy (power)

(ii) Supply of electrical energy (power) under deemed exports

(iii) Use of power (energy) in their own unit, and

(iv) Supply/export of electricity transmission services

(h) Import of items which are restricted for import shall be permitted under EPCG Scheme Import Export Policy 2015-20 only after approval from Exim Facilitation Committee (EFC) at DGFT Headquarters.

(i) If the goods proposed to be exported under EPCG authorization are restricted for export, the EPCG authorization shall be issued only after approval for issuance of export authorization from Exim Facilitation Committee at DGFT Headquarters.



(a) EPCG scheme under International Trade Policy of India 2015-20 covers manufacturer exporters with or without supporting manufacturer(s), merchant exporters tied to supporting manufacturer(s) and service providers. Name of supporting manufacturer(s) shall be endorsed on the EPCG authorization before installation of the capital goods in the factory / premises of the supporting manufacturer (s). In case of any change in supporting manufacturer (s) the RA shall intimate such change to jurisdictional Central Excise Authority of existing as well as changed supporting manufacturer (s) and the Customs at port of registration of Authorization.

(b) Export Promotion Capital Goods (EPCG) Scheme under EXIM Policy 2015-20  also covers a service provider who is designated / certified as a Common Service Provider (CSP) by the DGFT, Department of Commerce or State Industrial Infrastructural Corporation in a Town of Export Excellence subject to provisions of Foreign Trade Policy/Handbook of Procedures with the following conditions:-

(i) Export by users of the common service, to be counted towards fulfillment of EO of the CSP shall contain the EPCG authorization details of the CSP in the respective Shipping bills and concerned RA must be informed about the details of the Users prior to such export;

(ii) Such export will not count towards fulfillment of specific export obligations in respect of other EPCG authorizations (of the CSP/User); and

(iii) Authorization holder shall be required to submit Bank Guarantee (BG) which shall be equivalent to the duty saved. BG can be given by CSP or by any one of the users or a combination thereof, at the option of the CSP.

Actual User Condition

Import of capital goods shall be subject to Actual User condition till export obligation is completed.


Export Obligation (EO) as per Indian Foreign Trade Policy 2015-20

Following conditions shall apply to the fulfillment of EO:-

(a) EO shall be fulfilled by the authorization holder through export of goods which are manufactured by him or his supporting manufacturer / services rendered by him, for which the EPCG authorization has been granted.

(b) EO under the scheme shall be, over and above, the average level of exports achieved by the applicant in the preceding three licensing years for the same and similar products within the overall EO period including extended period, if any; except for categories mentioned in paragraph 5.13(a) of HBP. Such average would be the arithmetic mean of export performance in the preceding three licensing years for same and similar products.

(c) In case of indigenous sourcing of Capital Goods, specific EO shall be 25% less than the EO stipulated in Para 5.01.

(d) Shipments under Advance Authorization, DFIA, Drawback scheme or reward schemes under Chapter 3 of FTP; would also count for fulfillment of EO under EPCG Scheme Import Export Policy 2015-20.

(e) Export shall be physical export. However, deemed exports as specified in paragraph 7.02 (a), (b), (e), (f) & (h) of FTP shall also be counted towards fulfillment of export obligation, along with usual benefits available under paragraph 7.03 of FTP.

(f) EO can also be fulfilled by the supply of ITA-I items to DTA, provided realization is in free foreign exchange.

(g) Royalty payments received by the Authorization holder in freely convertible currency and foreign exchange received for R&D services shall also be counted for discharge under EPCG.

(h) Payment received in rupee terms for such Services as notified in Appendix 3E shall also be counted towards discharge of export obligation under the EPCG scheme.


Provision for units under BIFR /Rehabilitation as per Foreign Trade Policy of India 2015-20

A company holding EPCG authorization and registered with BIFR / Rehabilitation Department of State Government or any firm/ company acquiring a unit holding EPCG authorization which is under BIFR / Rehabilitation, may be permitted EO extension for the EPCG authorization(s) held by the acquired unit, as per rehabilitation package prepared by operating agency and approved by BIFR / Rehabilitation Department of State Government. If time-period up to which EO extension is to be granted is not specifically mentioned in the BIFR order, EO extension of 3 years from the date of expiry of EOP (including extended period) or the date of

BIFR order, whichever is later, shall be granted without payment of composition fee.


LUT/Bond/BG in case of Agro units

LUT/Bond or 15% BG, as applicable, may be furnished for EPCG authorization granted to units in Agri-Export Zones provided EPCG authorization is taken for export of primary agricultural product(s) notified or their value added variants.

5.07 Indigenous Sourcing of Capital Goods and benefits to Domestic Supplier

A person holding an EPCG authorization may source capital goods from a domestic manufacturer. Such domestic manufacturer shall be eligible for deemed export benefit under paragraph 7.03 of FTP. Such domestic sourcing shall also be permitted from EOUs and these supplies shall be counted for purpose of fulfillment of positive NFE by said EOU as provided in Para 6.09 (a) of FTP.


Calculation of Export Obligation

In case of direct imports, EO shall be reckoned with reference to actual duty saved amount. In case of domestic sourcing, EO shall be reckoned with reference to notional Customs duties saved on FOR value.


Incentive for early EO fulfillment under Export Import Policy 2015-20

With a view to accelerating exports, in cases where Authorization holder has fulfilled 75% or more of specific export obligation and 100% of Average Export Obligation till date, if any, in half or less than half the original export obligation period specified, remaining export obligation shall be condoned and the Authorization redeemed by RA concerned. However no benefit under Para 5.21 of HBP shall be permitted where incentive for early EO fulfillment has been availed.


Reduced EO for Green Technology Products

For exporters of Green Technology Products, Specific EO shall be 75% of EO as stipulated in Para 5.01. There shall be no change in average EO imposed, if any, as stipulated in Para 5.04. The list of Green Technology Products is given in Para 5.29 of HBP.


Reduced EO for North East Region and Jammu & Kashmir

For units located in Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim, Tripura and Jammu & Kashmir, specific EO shall be 25% of the EO, as stipulated in Para 5.01. There shall be no change in average EO imposed, if any, as stipulated in Para 5.04.


Post Export EPCG Duty Credit Scrip(s) as per Export Import Policy 2015-20

(a) Post Export EPCG Duty Credit Scrip(s) shall be available to exporters who intend to import capital goods on full payment of applicable duties in cash and choose to opt for this scheme.

(b) Basic Customs duty paid on Capital Goods shall be remitted in the form of freely transferable duty credit scrip(s), similar to those issued under Chapter 3 of FTP.

(c) Specific EO shall be 85% of the applicable specific EO under the EPCG Scheme. However, average EO shall remain unchanged.

(d) Duty remission shall be in proportion to the EO fulfilled.

(e) All provisions for utilization of scrips issued under Chapter 3 of FTP shall also be applicable to Post Export EPCG Duty Credit Scrip (s).

(f) All provisions of the existing EPCG Scheme shall apply insofar as they are not inconsistent with this scheme.



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Arvind: Are raw materials importable under this scheme ?

Mary Sebastian: Under EPCG License, the EO has been completed within the stipulated period and the formalitites has also been completed with DGFT, Custom and Excise. Such Capital Goods whether we can sell to the Domestic / International market ? Awaiting the positive reply. Thanking you in advance for the valid information.

sahil: we took epcg license in 2010. but unable to export our product. can we export other product 100%.. but that is not related to our industry.

Prakash Dhal: Dear Sahil We cant export other products for fulfillment of EO obligation

Satish Ranade: If machine is supplied under EPCG scheme my a domestic manufacturer does he required to pay excise duty or can invoice only with value + necessary sales tax. EPCG license , Invalidation of license is available ??

Pratham Singh: I have acquired a yacht from a company that had EPCG license, is it trasferrable or will I need to apply for it again? Please get back to me as soon as possible

subramanian: sir, we have an issue related to extension of EPCG license period to 2 years, where in our unit has one year left to complete the export oblication, but due to non availability of order , we were unable to fulfil obligations. now, we are requesting for extention of epcg license for another 2 years, wherein we have negoitiated some orders for exports, which might culminate into exports.our quiry is 1.Is there any conditions for such extension.. 2.how many years can we ask for extension/ 3.can the local DGFT be contacted for extension of license which is scheduled to expire after 12 months as of date. can u please highlight on the above, as to how we can go about getting the license - epcg , extended for another 2 years at least. should we approach the local dgft authorities for the necessary extension. 4. what documents are we to furnish to get the extension please. tks and best regards subramanian

JS VASU: Dearsir, We got EPCG LICENSE by AUG'2009. Can we make job work (conversion) of products & it will be exported by other parties. They will mention our license no. in customs documents. Because, product produced 2 our imported machines (capital goods). Some bodies says that, if we sale to local customer & they will export (resale) & they will mention our EPCG no. @ customs. Which is best to full fill our EPCG license. Kindly advise. JS VASU

anjaneyulu: if spares are imported for producing the goods on regular basis comes under this scheme

Ajay Grover: We have got an order from Govt Of India for Supplying products produced by us to a destination in foreign country . Payment will be made In Indian Rupees in India by Govt of India. How can I avail EPCG benifits. In this case: 1) How payment recieved in Indian Rupees in India will get us FIRC certification ? 2) How shipping documents will be made under EPCG.

Rajesh: I want to know following clarifications: - Whether Gold coins can be exported by a EPCG licence holder for fulfilling export obligation? - Whether Gold obtained from nominated agencies can be used for exporting gold coins under EPCG scheme? As per FTP 20015-20 (para 4.32) items of exports are: Gold jewellery, including partly processed jewellery and articles including medallions and coins (excluding legal tender coins), whether plain or studded, containing gold of 8 carats and above; But in para 4.34 "Gold jewellery and articles thereof including mountings and findings" have been mentioned and not "coins" . Please clarify the matter if you can and also provide the relevant customs notification/FTP.

ayush: Supposing co A have three manufacturing units producing same and similar products. For epcg licence,whether average export be calculated taking combined export of three units or export of particular unit for which machinery is being sought to be imported under epcg licence. Pl guide.

sandeep Singh: please advise- In case of deemed export will the exporter for whom the manufacturer has done job-work will loose any kind of benefit??

Sonal Sharma: Clarification Required: Whether EPCG benefits are available for capital goods imported under lease financing. In last Export-Import Policy it was specifically mentioned under para 2.28 of Handbook of Procedures but in new policy the word "EPCG scheme" has been deleted.

Madhukar: Clarification Required: Whether EPCG benefits are available for capital goods imported under lease financing. In last Export-Import Policy it was specifically mentioned under para 2.28 of Handbook of Procedures but in new policy the word "EPCG scheme" has been deleted.

Anurag Aggarwal : Unit 'A' is making sale of fabric to DTA unit which is further exporting the readymade garments made out of fabric supplied by Unit 'A'. 1. Can Unit 'A' avail the benefit of deemed exports/third party exports/supporting manufacturer from such sales? 2. If yes, what all does Unit 'A' need to claim the benefit of deemed exports to meet its Export Obligation under EPCG? 3. Does Unit 'A' need to request to the DTA unit to make any specific remark in their Export documents? 4. What shall be required by Unit 'A' which it has to submit to DGFT office for the Export obligation under EPCG

Purvang Talati : I have taken one EPCG Lic. 26.03.2014 under 0% EPCG Schem Import valid till 25.09.2015 Import Item List contains 8 items 01 to 07 items are capital goods 08 (Item is ACCESSORIES & SPARE PARTS @ 10% OF CIF VALUE OF MACHINES MENTIONED ABOVE IN SR. NO. 01 TO 07) Lic will expire on 25.09.2015 so as per terms revlidation also not possible So please advise my spares consignment will come in December 2015 then how can i clear under this EPCG

Ulhas Jadhav: my query is can goods yo be used in the building structure be imported under EPCG for star hotel project.If yes what is the procedure.

sivasamy: Dear sir, If possible to purchase the spares for indigenously materials. please

NILESH: Can anyone guide on EO fullfillment process in details? 1. Format( Details to be mentioned on such Invoice apart from normal invoice) of Invoice if EPCG holder supplying under deemed export. 2. Whether excise duty to be levied or not ? Does it require specific notification to excise dept. ? 3. What reports or annual filing to be complied or any other compliances ?

darshak parghi: january 28,2016 Gentlemen, We HAVE BEEN ISSUED EPCG AUTHORIZATION WITH INVALIDATION LETTER FOR DOMESTIC SOURCING OF CG. We have not imported the CG and have procured domestic supplier. Are we really required to fulfill EO as per Authorization? Can we not submit application for surrender of EPCG Authorization? Please reply. 2. while submitting application for New EPCG, WE HAVE TO SUBMIT CA CERTIFICATE FOR PAST Three Financial years. Such certificate should be for Shipping Bills of EPCG Accepted OR non epcg s/bills.? we shall be pleased to receive your reply. thanks darshak parghi

VENU GOPAL: Pls note eg. we have taken a EPCG Licence and the export item name is ACB ( Air Circuit Breaker ) and We have advance licence also we have imported the raw materials to export the Air Circuit Breaker & Chasis Parts of ACB. can v club both EPCG and Advance Licence to complete the EO on exports Pls chk and let us know the same. Tks in advance for your help

MSPujari: we have imported Capital goods against 0 epcg scheme and installed at third party premises product mfg as per our specification and exclusively supply to us for domestic sales. pl. clarify the below: 1)we have deemed export order Ct1 issued in the name of mfg can we take EPCG benefit against deemed export & ARE1 issued by manufacturer.2) if s than what are the procedure should followed and what are the documents and conditions of benefit. pl. let us know the procedure of deemed export benefit against EPCG. Thanks & Regards

Vikram Naik: Dear Sir. we have imported the Machinery under 0% EPCG Scheme. now we need to fulfil the Export obligation. we are exporting the goods to Nepal, all export procedures in Indian Currency, and payment received from Nepal in Indian currency, we have no BRC , FIRC. Sir how can we fulfil the Export obligation without these documents when exporting to Nepal.


DARSHAK PARGHI: dear sir, We are having several EPCG aUTHORIZATIONS. Export obligation specified in teh EPCG Authorization is fulfilled. now we want to know how to calculate AEP for Redemption of Authorization and from when? Readers views welcome.



Navneet Goyal : Dear Sir,we had availed EPCG and bought machinery 6.5 year back and now we received show cause notice from department regarding non submission of installation certificate and non fulfilment of Export obligation whereas we installed the machinery and start production same year of import and also done Export amounting to Rupees 30 to 35 % of Export obligation.Now I want extension for another two year for fulfilment of Export obligation. Can we approach the local dgft authorities for the necessary extension and what documents are we to furnish to get the extension please. tks and best regards Navneet Goyal

sekhar: WE apply EPCG, Within How many days will take for DGFT to issue certicate WE are importing Granite Machinery already today shipped out


subhash: sir, we have acquire the company for same product manufacturing, they have EPCG Authorization, can we fulfill the there Export obligation if we can than what is procedure to do it. please help

Sunil Kumar Sharma: We had imported machine under EPCG scheme and now obligation has been completed and EODC has been obtained . Now we wants to sell these machines to our other company in abroad. Can you please confirm the procedure for smooth transaction. Rgds

R.Suresh: Dear sir Querry: We imported one painting machine under EPCG scheme. we have two group companies called A and B. The two companies are located at different states. Here company A has imported the machine. Company B is manufacturing products. Company B give some main part/toos of the machine to company A, get it painted and fitting in the machine. Company B is exporting products manufactured by using the machine. Company B filing documents showing company A in its shipping bill and other documents. Under this situation, whether this export can be taken for export obligation full fillment of company A.

Satish : Sir, My question is that we are applying for EPCG licence but machinery will be used by our local vendor. And local vendor will provide materials to us after manufacturing. So please advise can we do this or not?

Rajat Pandhi: AHAR 2017 EDITION NEWSLETTER ASSOCIATION OF RESOURCE COMPANIES FOR THE HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY OF INDIA Vol. 2 No. 1 EPCG a Deterrent to Indian Manufacturers and Suppliers in Hospitality Rajat PandhiPresident R R ajat Pandhi, the President of ARCHII (Association of Resource Companies for the Hospitality Industry of India), is distressed by the myopic policy, which, according to him, is blatantly promoting “Foreign manufacturers in the realm of hospitality by permitting them to export their products to India at 5 percent import duty.” This step, according to him, is jeopardising the present and future of the Indian hotel equipment manufacturers. Pandhi dwelled into the genesis of such a policy. “In the late 70s and 80s, when the Indian Government and the Indian industry were trying to push up the Indian exports, they were faced with a major hurdle. We had obsolete technology and the end products just could not match the standards required for exports. To address this lacuna, the Engineering Export Promotion Council, CAPEXIL and trade bodies made a collective plea to the Government to allow import of capital machinery from western countries to India and go for low import duties so that we too could use the sophisticated technology and export heavily. The Govt. conceded and the Export Promotion Capital Goods Scheme was born,” he elaborated. “The step was by and large of great benefit to a host of indigenous industries operating in India, which included heavy industry, garments business, chemicals business and a number of other industries. Profits of many of them soared as did the country’s exports. Our hotel industry then asked for an extension of this scheme to cover not only products but services also, saying the foreign guests were not getting international standard services. So began the reverse situation, which has now led to a pitiable scenario where foreign manufacturers of equipments to hospitality properties operating in India are having unfair advantage over their Indian counterparts,” analysed Pandhi. “Now EPCG has a new meaning for a great multitude of Indian manufacturers for the Indian hospitality industry. It is Easy Purchase of Cheap Goods,” he pointed out sarcastically. However, the differential levy of duties is not the only challenge for the Indian manufacturers to the Indian hospitality industry. “It is amazing and disturbing that many of the foreign hotel brands operating in India have ensured that orders being placed on Indian manufacturers are stopped and canceled and given to their approved suppliers abroad,” lamented Pandhi.He strongly urged the management of the hotels and resorts operating in India to give opportunity to Indian manufacturers, who he believes can match the best of the industry standards. “I request the purchase departments of hotels operating in India to stop becoming import departments,” he proffered. Pandhi called for immediate abolishing of EPCG, which he believes has outlived its importance, and under whose garb import of non capital goods like spoons and plates are being imported at extremely friendly duties, and thereby harming the Indian producers, operating in the Indian hospitality Industry. “Let us have a new scheme in place of EPCG that reflects the eality of today’s India and not of the India of the 80s,” Pandhi opined. He then went on to put forward a rather radical thought. “Imports of products to the hospitality properties operating in India should be allowed only on the certification given by the concerned hospitality brands or their owners that they could not find any Indian manufacturer up to their standard dealing in such products and also on providing proof that they had really tried to find an Indian manufacturer reflecting their standard. Moreover, only if the competent authority in the Government is satisfied about the truth in such a statement should the imports of products to hospitality properties operating in India be allowed, and that too with the same duties as that of the Indian manufacturers of those products,” Pandhi elaborated. Also, Pandhi wanted the Govt. to impose a buy back guarantee of 30 percent of import value for the Indian manufacturers by the foreign hotel/ hotel chains operating in India, if the foreign hotel/ hotel chains operating in India wanted to avail of the concessional duties. “The Govt. has already imposed a 30 percent Indian component clause in the license given to IKEA for their Rs.10,000 crore investment in India. Hence if a foreign hotel brand is importing products worth Rs. 100 crore a year through their franchised properties, which is a low figure, at 5 percent duty, then they must be obligated to export at least Rs. 30 crore of products by Indian manufacturrs for use in their properties abroad. This will make them tighten their belts and look at the Indian manufacturers of hospitality products seriously,” he explained. “Recently the US President, Trump opened up the shale mining areas in Alaska and in other areas of the US, and imposed a clause that the pipes to be used in this mining for oil will only be of American make. One single stroke of a pen created over 20,000 jobs!!!!So where there is a will there is a way,” he expressed enthusistically. However, Pandhi favoured setting up of special manufacturing zones like SEPZs to encourage foreign manufacturers and also supported joint ventures of them with the Indian manufacturers. On a different note, Pandhi sounded quite enthusiastic about the 32nd edition of AAHAR, which will be held during 7th-11thMarch at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. “We are having interesting seminars with purchasing professionals, Chefs and housekeeping professionals at AAHAR and are providing 24 taxis for commuting of the guests,” he asserted. According to him, AAHAR is expected to grow by leaps and bounds, since the scenario of both food service industry and hospitality industry in India, despite the several challenges and bottlenecks, look promising and brimming with potential.

devi: whether the capital goods imported under EPCG scheme can be installed in another unit. But the licence obtained is for their corporate address. Since they havemore than one unit, whether it can be installed in Unit II. If so, whether Excise officer can issue intallation certificate and for which address.

Prasadbabu-Udupi: We are manufacturer and Exporter of Fish Meal and Fish Oil. Whether Machinery Spares can be imported under 0% EPCG License? OR whether we can apply for 0%EPCG License to import machinery spares ?

Navin Bangera: Dear Sir, Whether clubbing benefit under group companies applicable?

K.C. THIYAJI: Dear Sir. we have imported the Machinery under 0% EPCG Scheme. now we need to fulfil the Export obligation. we are exporting the goods to Netherland, all export procedures in Indian Currency, and payment received from Netherland in Indian currency, we have no BRC , FIRC. Sir how can we fulfil the Export obligation without these documents when exporting to Netherland.

Buta Singh: Sir, Please help me to find out notification, circular or handbook policy for the variation of 10% in EPCG (0) duty saved licence if the duty saved is less in licence than actual duty.

NEERAJ MALHOTRA: We had taken EPCG authorisation for supply from domestic suppliers and invalidate the EPCG authroisation. at present we unable to fulfill the export obligation and we had taken only the benefit of TED . The application for surrender/cancellation of EPCG ,we had also sumitted the TED amount with interest to DGFT office. Now DGFT demand us to pay complete custom duty with interest as given in Invalidation letter or BG submitted. please advise.

D. Balarama Rao: Greetings to you, Sir. We have fulfilled Specific EO by exporting goods with HS what has been mentioned on condition sheet. But for fulfilling Average Export Obligation can we use SBs bearing HS code of a different product ? Kindly clarify Sir.

N.R.Sogani: Export obligation as required in EPCG authorisation completed, but during the COVID period, average Exports , could not be achieved.. Please guide us about redemption of EPCG authorisation asap.

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