Step by step procedure to login with GST common portal in India

How to login with GST website with user name and password?

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Step by step procedure to login with GST common portal in IndiaOnce you have created username and password you can now login .Now let’s learn to login at GST common portal for the purpose of this demonstration some of the fields of fill for you.

Visit the GST Common Portal. The GST home page is displayed.

For existing user login; Click the existing user login button. The Login page is displayed.

Enter the username that you had created.Enter the password that you had created.

Enter the captcha text as shown in the image on the screen. Click the login button.

The welcome page is displayed notice your business name on the top right of the page. Click the continue button to proceed. The dashboard is displayed. Click the dashboard menu. The provisional ID Enrolment command displays the Enrolment Application. The My saved application command allows you to view the Enrolment Application that you have saved but not yet submitted.

The Register / updates DSC command allows you to register your DSC for the first time with the GST Common Portal Or updates an already registered DSC.

Click the help menu. The system requirements command displays the system requirements for accessing the GST common Portal. The FAQs command displays the frequently asked questions with respects to the application.

User manual command displays the details user manual. The video tutorial- CBT command displays the audio video based tutorial.

The change password command allows you to change the password for logging to the GST common portal. The Logout command allows you to exit from the GST Common portal. 

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