Enrolling an existing VAT taxpayers at the GST Common Portal



Online filing guidelines for existing VAT payers in India


This post is a continuation of posts about step by step procedures for migration of existing tax payers in India.  Click here to read from beginning.


Enrolling an existing VAT taxpayers at the GST Common PortalHow to login to GST website? Procedures for online filing for existing VAT payers in India with GST.

Getting Started with GST in India.

All the existing Taxpayers registered under the Central Excise,Service Tax, State Sales Tax or Value Added Tax(VAT), Entry Tax, Luxury Tax and Entertainment Tax are required to provide their details at the GST Common Portal managed by the Goods and Services Tax network (GSTN) for the purpose of migrating themselves to the GST regime.

To begin with, the taxpayers registered under the state VAT Department need to provide their details.

All taxpayers other than VAT payers in India will be intimated a later date to provide their details with GST in India.

Once the taxpayers provide their details, there will be no need for them to register again with State or Centre once the GST Act is implemented.  Click here to continue reading: Navigation controls to enroll with GST in India for existing VAT payers in India


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BAIRAGI: sir, I got GST login I/d p/w. but till today (16/05/2017) I am not able to submit DSC, May I submit it now? I am from Assam State.


evergreenengineering: sales invoice

Sudeep : My provisional Id has been cancelled. So I could not migrate but I purchased & sold on provisional Id now I can not filed return of said Id. Plz give me your valuable suggestion.

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