How to amend shipper name in Import General Manifest (IGM)

Can shipper name be amended in Import General Manifest (IGM)


Can an IGM be amended without amending shipping documents? What does an NOC mean in amendment of IGM?


In this article, we can discuss about the procedures and formalities to amend Shipper name in Import General Manifest. Let me explain the situations where amendment of IGM occurs and customs procedures to amend IGM.


AMMENDMENT OF IGM MARKS AND There may have many reasons to amend the shipper name in Import General Manifest.   Commonly there are two cases among them. Firstly, if a freight forwarder is involved in shipment, the shipper’s name would have mentioned as the freight forwarder name at load port by oversight.  The freight forwarder name as shipper name in IGM face difficulty in import customs clearance procedures and thereby an amendment of IGM on shipper may be required to take delivery of imported goods. However, consol IGM amendment procedures can resolve such issues.


Secondly, if a seller has more than one firm holding with the same directors/partners, there are chances of interchange of shipper details by oversight on Bill of Lading/AWB and other documents. Inward and outward remittance of each country has to be accounted as per purchase order or LC.


Let us discuss the procedures to amend shipper name in Import General Manifest (IGM).  If a wrong filing of Import General Manifest is filed with customs, firstly the correction has to be effected at origin.  Means, the shipper has to amend in all related documents pertaining to the said shipment.  Bill of Lading or Airway bill has to be revised by mentioning amended shipper name with necessary formalities with carrier who issued bill of lading or airway bill.  Customs department needs a ‘No Objection’ letter or undertaking from the shipper who are presently reflected in IGM as shipper.

Based on No objection letter or undertaking from present shipper along with the amended Airway bill or Bill of Lading, customs department of most of countries amend shipper’s address  in the Import General Manifest, with necessary permission and formalities.


Once after amending shipper name in Import General Manifest, the importer or his agent can file bill of entry and proceed to complete customs formalities to take delivery of cargo.


In this article, I have explained about the circumstances where amendment of shipper details occurs in IGM, how to amend shipper name in Import General Manifest, the formalities at load port to correct shipper name and the procedures at destination customs location to amend shipper name in Import General Manifest. Do you wish to add more information about amendment of Shipper name in Import General Manifest?


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