Process to issue GST Provisional ID to existing VAT payers in India


How to obtain GST Provisional ID for existing tax payers in India


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This post is a continuation of posts about step by step procedures for migration of existing tax payers in India.  Click here to read from beginning.


Update on 17th June, 2017:

1. If you are a Taxpayer having received Acknowledgement Reference Number (ARN):
    You should be able to download the Provisional Registration Certificate from "Download Certificates" at GST website from 27th June 2017.

2. If you are a Taxpayer, who has saved the enrolment form with all details but has not submitted the same with DSC, E-Sign or EVC:
    You will receive the ARN at your registered email ID, if the data given are successfully validated after 27th June 2017.
    In case of validation failure (data like PAN not matching), you should be able to login at the same portal from 27th June 2017 onwards and correct the errors. You can refer 
    the registered email for details of the errors.

3. If you are a Taxpayer, who has partially completed the enrolment form:
    You can login at the portal on the above mentioned date and complete the rest of the form.

4. If you are not an existing Taxpayer and wish to register newly under GST
    You would be able to apply for new registration at the GST portal from 25th June 2017.

Enrolment process for issuance of provisional ID to a Taxpayer who is already registered with the state VAT Department.

First of all the respected State VAT Department will be communicating the Provisional ID and Password to respective registered tax payer. In case you are register tax payer with the state VAT department and you have not received provisional id or password contacts your state VAT department. If you are registered tax payer with the state VAT department, you need to Access the GST Common Portal and create your unique username and new password using the provisional ID and Password Communicated to you.

Next login to the GST Common Portal with your newly created username and password.

Fill the Enrolment Application and Provide business details with the GSTN filling some fields is mandatory .

Verify the details in the enrolment application already available auto-populated from the State VAT System.

Sign the Enrolment Application electronically by fixing your digital signature certificate DSC or E-sign DSC is mandatory if company's and limited liability partnership (LLP) sign the enrolment application electronically.

Submit the Enrolment Application along with the necessary attachments as specified in the enrolment application.

Once the enrolment application electronically signed and submitted, the details provided by you will be verified by the GST System. If all details are founds satisfactory an Application Reference Number (ARN) will be issued. This status of the Provisional ID will be changed to Migrated till appointed date ; that is date of implementation of GST Act. On appointed date, this status of your Provisional ID will change to the ‘Active’ status. A Provisional Registration Certificate will be issued to every registered Tax payers.


You will then be able to utilize services available at the GST Common Portal like filing your returns and making GST Payments.  Click here to continue reading:Step by step procedures to issue GST provisional ID in India


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shwetha: I tried enrolling for gst. For getting provisional code, I was following the given procedure but accidentally I clicked on "NO" option for the IMPORTANT COMMUNICATION question "PLEASE CLICK TO ACCESS GST PROVISION ID CREDENTIALS". Since then on every login, I am not able to get that communication message.Hence I cant enroll for gst. What to do??

Kumar : Hi Shwetha, Please visit this link

R.PERUMAL : Regarding i am not getting. Provitiinal id passward

Dipali Paul : This is for your kind information that my firm name is KUMUD RANJAN PAUL. Tin no-18240046573 &pan no-ALMPP8079K.In GST Provisional ID and Password format box it shows the PAN no of my husband I. E ACNPP1205B instead of mine as he was no more alive .So how I get new provisional ID and Password against my pan no ALMPP8079K

Ankit bajoria: Your data is very helpful But I have an query related to wrong provisional Id from the department. What a person have to do if he received the wrong provisional Id for GST migratio since GST provisional Id is based on the pan of the person.can he allowed to get new id.

Inderjit singh: sir our firm is register in haryana vat department. There was a mismatch of pan validation in gst registration . This mismatch due to wrong pan number added (our old pan number ) when our firm works as paternship. Now presently our firm status as properitership. Regarding this we make correction in vat depaetment.the provisional id given To us old pan no. Sir my que is this how We get the new provisinal id and password so that we make registration in gst . Pls guide sir on this

SANTU JANA: Dear sir, How to traning center GST At Berhampore, Murshidabad

Ankit Sachdeva: Please find the process for GST Migration : Step 1: Logon to ACES portal using the existing ACES User ID and Password. Step 2: Either follow the link to obtain the Provisional ID and Password OR navigate using the Menu. Step 3: Make a note of the Provisional ID and password that is provided. In case a Provisional ID is not provided, please refer the Next Step section. The GST Common Portal has made available a manual on how to fill the Form-20. It is available on For more details or GST Migration issues. pls contact below CA Ankit Sachdeva ACA, B.COM 9871178227

v venkata krishna: our provisional id issued old pan number and generate ARN HOW TO PROBLEM RETIFICATION

ANUP KUMAR: I have been granted a provisional registeration certificate. I would like to know the procedure to get a permanent registeration certificate

K.Mastanamma: I am from Hyderabad .my tin number is 36946478363.Still I did not get provisional id and password.Do needful ASAP.

Shivbassaya m kaladagimath: Wrong pan no given I'd created nowhow to change pan no

keshaw dewangan : I am planning to start e-Commerce work and we are basically from Chattisgarh. Unfortunately in chhattisgarh there is no pick up points there. So we are deciding to change pick up point in Kolkata, I have applied for GST in CG, so do I need GST for West bengal also?

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