How to overcome credit risk in export business?


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How to overcome credit risk in an export business?   How to solve credit risk with overseas buyer?


What is the solution, if overseas buyer not paid? Can an exporter provide credit to a foreign buyer? What to do if buyer not paid amount? Please provide tips to get unpaid money of foreign buyer etc.


The best solution is to get an insurance coverage from Export Credit Guarantee Corporation (ECGC) against the buyer. Export Credit Guarantee Corporation is a central government undertaking body to provide credit guarantee on the default of payments by the buyer. It works as an insurance firm who guarantees export payment, if the buyer defaults in making payment.



How to overcome the credit risk in an export business


Once after finalizing the order, the buyer executes a purchase order to the seller with the terms and conditions as agreed by both. The purchase order should contain full details of buyer and buyer’s bank account details. The exporter approaches Export Guarantee Corporation to get approval on the buyer with amount of limit. Here, the ECGC with their available contact with overseas network collects credit worthiness of the said buyer and determines a figure of creditworthiness and inform the maximum limit of amount can be shipped at any point of time. Export Credit Guarantee Corporation collects premium on the amount of approval and issue insurance policy accordingly. 


The exporter can apply with ECGC for insurance on shipment wise order as specific insurance policy, or at lump sum as comprehensive policy. If an exporter obtains a specific policy, the contract of insurance is only for that particular shipment. You as an exporter has to pay premium only against the said shipment. If you prefer to obtain a comprehensive policy against any buyer, you get approval from ECGC, the amount of credit worthiness of the said buyer. You can ship the goods up to the amount approved by ECGC. For example, if you have obtained approval for 10 billion dollars means, total outstanding liability of that particular existing buyer should not exceed more than 10 billion dollars at any point of time. It is as simple as revolving policy. If any default on payment by the buyer, ECGC reimburse the defaulted payment, if exporter obtained an insurance policy by paying necessary premium. ECGC may black list the said buyers with the various agencies and associates including banks, who can not buy goods from any where in the country. 

There are also some international agencies working in all countries to provide the credit worthiness of individuals and organizations. These organizations provide you confidential data of credit worthiness. You can approach them and collect the data by paying their charges. 

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I hope, I could clarify about the solution on credit risk in export and import business.


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G.Jayakumar: Very useful informations.Thank you Sir.

Awhile a.sari: We are new exporter. We want to enroll ourself to the ECGC. Can you suggest me how to be secured and what are the basic expense related to this. Please take it seriously and reply urgently.

Admin: Hi Awhile a.sari, You may directly contact Export Credit Guarantee Corporation (ECGC) near to your area for more details.

John: its nice and works properly

Mendiratta, Deepak: We have launched specialised insurance for SME clients and cover all risks viz Assets, Marine, Liabilities and Employee Benefits. This will allow consumers to see the typical rates from various insurers in India and which we can take forward by sharing the risk profile and getting most competitive quotes for customers. Typically, this will involve having a banner to click and a landing page where the customer can input various details and be taken to a quote page. We can subsequently engage with the customer to provide more details on the quote. Would be keen to explore this further once as well aligned.

GERRY WILLIS : we have own portal known as under which we are going to carry out global marketing and sales of various goods, import and export.we have already obtained IE code and need your assistance for RCMC from export promotion council .. would appreciate guiding me as we will be carrying out various or multiple products online marketing and sales as well as import and export.

Mahender Thakur: I am Mahender I have transferred money against offer and PO now seller is not sending the goods to me..he's not responding now to me..please suggest what to do now??where should i go and solve this issue and how i can get my money back????please help

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