Does exchange rate of currency effect export business?


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 Does exchange rate of foreign currency with local currency affect export business?


Let us discuss, how does change of exchange rate of currency effect export business?


Your buyer sent you a purchase order in January, for 24 containers to ship 02 containers each month. The price fixed as USD 20,000 per container and total of USD 480000 for 24 containers. You have quoted the rate as per the exchange rate of Does exchange rate of currency effect export businessJanuary, but the shipment period is through out the year till December. Your term of payment is 60 days from the date of bill of lading. Means, you have agreed a credit limit of 60 days from the date of shipment. In this case, you will start receiving your payment from March onwards till February of next year. Here, the exchange rate of this month may not be for next month. In short, certainly there would be a difference in exchange rate of March to February of next month. So, when converting USD in to your country’s currency, you can anticipate loss in business also.


How to overcome such risk of variation of exchange rates in Exports and Imports?


There are some solutions to solve risk in variation of exchange rates in exports and imports. One of them is to open an EEFC – Exchange Earners Foreign Currency account with your bank. Here, you are maintaining a foreign currency account in your name where in you can convert to your currency as and when you require.


Another method to prevent loss in variation of exchange rate is to enter overseas business contract to pay amount in local currency. Here, your buyer/importer buys – converts - your domestic currency and remits amount to you in your local currency. You need to make clear about these arrangements before entering in to the business contract.


Hope, you have satisfied with the above example, variation of exchange rates of foreign currency effects export import business. Do you wish to add more information about variation of exchange rates of foreign currency and its impact in export and import trade?


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suhas krishna: Forex hedging is also one method where risk of fluctuation can be minimised.

VENKATACHARI SRINIVASAN : I visited website "" and found the contents of the site interesting and also extremely useful. I'm working in an engineering/manufacturing organization. We have an export order for supplies of engineering products. For the mfr of the export goods we applied and obtained advance license ( for duty free imports of raw materials). The export obligation under the license is denominated in US$. However the contract for exports is denominated in US$/JPY/Euro/INR. As the commercial invoice for realizing proceeds of exports would in the contract currencies as stated above how will the shipping bill be prepared indicating the value of exports in equivalent US$ if the unit rate and item value is combination of multiple currencies such as US$/JPY/Euro/INR. More over the shipping bills would be of the draw back type applicable for obtaining drawback. In this case can the shipping bill be filed in manual mode instead EDI. If the shipping bill value could be in equivalent INR how will the currencies in the invoice converted in equivalent US$.

Admin: Hi Venkatachari Srinivasan, Contact DGFT, Director General of Shipping against your query.

brijesh raval: i m sending u email becoz i have some problem in my export deal ..i m very small exporter n beginner in this field so manythings i dont knw about RBI and FEDA etc..i did shipment of 15000 pcs of tshirts order from Oman.. my buyer send me money from oman in 5 different transaction. he send me money from SBI , Oman branch.this payment comes to my account as NEFT throew SBI global link Service, bank is not ready to accept this NEFT as remitance.i did export n i have shiping documents with My bank HDFC is saying that i personaly deal with SBI global link service and get FIRC otherwise my export will not complete.i already receive drawback from customs but problem is that i dont know for submitting shipping document i need to submit FIRC to my bank..i talk to SBI global link sevice , mumbai but they r saying that if ur bank request us then we will provide then remittance details but FIRC will be issued by HDFC bank sir, kindly advice me in this cases what to do? expecting cooperation from u.

Balraj: Dear sir, Please explain about Forward Cover Booking with examples. Regards Balraj

venkat: Dear Admin, I need to clarify, export invoice can be raised in currency INR or IDR ( Indonesian rupiah), if there is any procedure to inform in case we are exporting to other country like, Indonesia , Malaysia in INR. Kindly explain

jeymin: We want to export Marble stones to Nairobi Kenya. Can we make export invoice in Indian currency?.

felix: I am located in Indonesia. I received an order from malaysia. My supplier is in India. Malaysia order to Indonesia, indonesia order to India, goods are shipped directly from India to Malaysia. Will ship using TNT or DHL. My question is. Is it possible to do export clearance in india using the invoice from Indonesa made to Malaysia? This will have higher value than india invoice to indonesia. The goal is so that the factory (india) price is not revealed to customer in Malaysia. I have been looking for answer everywhere. Even TNT and DHL are not sure. Hope you can help me. First of all, thanks.

ravi: While going through your mail we came to know about your expertise in export business and international trade. Recently we had exported certain items and had an issue regarding payment due to exchange rate difference of USD. We would like to know if you could help us in the matter and also your fees for the same.

Solai Muthu: Hi sir I am now Maldives currency exchange business start up if you export and import have contact me

Masuk: I need export pants

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