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The information provided here is part of Export Import Training online

After the exploration of information technology, the world is on our finger tips to get any piece of information. However when I went through different subjects on the web, I realized, like every thing in society, internet also carries the good and the bad. I was surprised to note that, I could not find any good quality  free tutorial program to enter in a good business  especially in the field of international trade. I have also noticed that the improper guidelines lead the readers of internet to spoil their caliber.

In turn, productivity of the individual is utilized in-efficiently, resulting, failure in achievements, and thereby  loss in contribution of quality thoughts to society. These reasons motivated me to provide a qualitative free educational and awareness programs on import export subject to all over the world based on my experience in international trade for the past twenty four years.


I strongly believe, by sharing knowledge and experience, caliber  can be improved to deliver better thoughts, not only  to the present world  but to upcoming generations also.


Introduction to this web site 1 If you have a sound knowledge in your profession, you will have a passion in loving your job and  a complete satisfaction on your day to day activities, which is a dire need for your daily life. I hope, this web blog can enlighten you to acquire immense knowledge on the subject and can gently work with any organization of international trade with a complete job satisfaction.

With my academic qualifications in commerce and international trade with a practical experience of 24 years in the field of international trade as a management personnel, I have arranged these articles, using simple words in English. While reading, you will come to know, each article has been designed in such a way to help even those who have not  undergone college studies. Utilize and enjoy!

The above information is a part of Import Export online Training

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Introduction to this web site.


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 Is Customs House Agents (CHA ) required to be appointed mandatory?


Transferability of Bill of Lading


Transhipment - A redefinition


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Raghunath: Dear Sir, This website is on Import and Export, really excellent many many thanks to your information shared, I am really feel very happy that i got more and more knowledge on the subject, which i was not knowing... I kindly request you to share ur knowledge like this, so ppl like us, can get knowledge.. Once again thank you so much.. Regards Raghunath

Medha Shashikumar: Many thanks for sharing such a valuable information regard to Import and Export. I really got immense knowledge from this website & look forward to your same valuable service in future days.... Regards, Medha Shashikumar

Shiloh: You are my kind of guy! I really, REALLY appreciate the connection you made between 1. Quality information 2. Effective action 3. Collective accumulation of these on quality of society as a whole and 4. The effect this has on future generations! This is SO important! To see that money, trade, and the work and benefit to individuals matters at a level far greater then the individuals themselves. It's not just about personal gain. You, my dear author, have yourself a new devoted reader! Thank you !

joel: Dear Sir Greetings.. I have seen your site,and it is very very useful.And providing good knowledge on export & imports. I am an employee and want to resign and to start the agri export business.But have zero knowledge reg this business. What are the main areas that i should know and the licening part of the business... pls reply

Praveen J: Last week we exported our consignment on D/A basis. We are facing a issue in which our Consignee name is been change from his old company name and all our documents including shipping bill and B/L are in old company name. Goods have reached buyers port and buyer got our documents and after receiving it he informs that his old company has been shut down. Sir Can you please guide us how to deal with this situation.Look for your guidance and help, Please advice. Thanking you with sincere regards

Sulabha Bhagat: Dear Sir, Greeting & Good Day...!!! I really greatful admiring you for your knowledgeable website. Its really helpful not only for experience person but also fresher who wanna start their dream career into reality. If you have any training center related to EXIM in Mumbai or Pune, So kindly requesting to revert me asap. Best Regards, Ms. Sulabha

RAJIB BANERJEE: Dear Sir, Greetings & have a Good Day.... Thanks a lot & really appreciable for sharing your valuable knowledge/guidance on IMPORT / EXPORT Trade through this web portal... Please keep on posting more valuable suggestion/guidance/articles on INTERNATIONAL TRADE in coming days........ Best Regards, RAJIB

Rowena: i have long been searching for an information so easy to understand and to utilize. you are amazing... thank you so much for doing this blog you are such a life saver to my career.. Godbless you...

HINGU YAXESH : Respected advisior, i am beginer in export- import business. i want to ask you that how i get IEC code ? i have required any firm name or company or organization for registration? how i find coustomer outside of india for selling Garment? i am from Ahmedabad, Gujarat .

Shashi Patel: I am Civil Engg and proprietor of my Co. , new to Impot/Export business. At present I am working on viability study of exporting de icing salt to Some purchaser in S korea who has offered CIF rate for the product. I have got product rate from manufacturer and its handling cost ie FOB price. Now am looking for good freight forwarder with CHA license who could do his part in exporting de icing salt from kandla/ Mudra port to S korea. 50000MT+-10%, Bulk shipment, no need bag, two port discharge, Pyeongtaek port and kun San .I have apprehension about the product to be exported also. How to go ahead now, if you can guide me . Thanks

Jaroslav Lenár : I have just found your transport web site, thanks for sharing, it´s very helpfull.

Amol ranjane: How to get membership of RCMC

Aye Aye Thin: Dear Sir, Thank you very much for sharing such a valuable information regard to Import and Export. It's very helpfully for me. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge. Best regards, Ms.Aye Aye Thin

MURTHY P: I am a Mech. Engineer and proprietor of my Co. , and new to Impot/Export business. At present I am at the initial stage and don't know about the business. How to proceed. Thanks

mohammad shafi: we are intrested to FOB of GGBS to krishnapatanam port

Ganesh Pawar: Dear Sir, This is true that no authentic, complete and free training material is available in market for Export-Import. In this website you answered many questions that I was looking for longer time (10 yrs). So many thanks for sharing this information. You Truly legend and honest. I have no words to thanks you again. Regards, Ganesh Pawar.

Jagannath Nanduri: Dear Sir, I have the following query. We plan to export solar lamps to Nepal. In order to save time, we intend to import Batteries directly from China to Nepal. Remaining parts will be sent from India to Nepal. The assembling will be done at Nepal and supplies will be ensured to the purchaser as required. Will it be a deemed export from India for the full value of purchase Order? What export benefits we have in this deal? thanks and regards

senehi kumar: sir isme joine kaise karte hai mujhe kuchh hindi me samjhaiye

Chirag V Raichura: Today I have go through your web site and found that the information you have shared is very much useful and informative for beginners like me. Thank you very much for doing such a noble work. Thanks & Regards,

sudhakar padhmanaban: this is regarding import shipments into India, now we are importing under digitalisation and customs assess the value based on transaction value as well as NIDB data, now a days is it mendatory for GATT declaration, here in ahmedabad customs insist for the same , but other Indian location customs dont demand for the same, so i would like to have any circular or customs evidence mentioning that gatt DECLARATION is not mandatory for Imports , rgds sudhakar padhmanaban 9898507801

fayiz: hi,surendran sir how are you .. nice article to learn thankz...! Today I have go through your web site and found that the information you have shared is very much useful and informative for beginners like me. Thank you very much for doing such a noble work. Thanks & Regards,

mobsn: hi desr sir /madam as i see this info is your experiences in years and its show that cllected verty good to transfer to other so i have a qua all of the matter is updated or they are base onlast laws and for exa incoterms 2000 meanwhile all of the info is realy and i sense that i am in port and doing the bordingandin custome for clerance soso good

Yasmin: Hello Sir, thank you for doing it for us! I'm brazilian and I'm studying International Business, this will help me to know more things than the college.

Dandamudi Raghavendra Rao: I am pleased with valuable information given in your blog and iam D.Raghavendra rao master in pharmaceutical analytical chemistry and I worked pharma companies and I resigned my job and at present working in share market and I left my job and I want to do some thing new in my life and which help to lead my life and I want get training on practical background in pharmaceutical industry in exim business and right now I am in Bangalore and sir please can you help me in this regard and to get practical experience to start new business in exim and as I am not financial background career and also I don't have huge amount to start business and I want start exim with small amount after getting practical experience in Bangalore . And how long it take to learn the things on the field to start business. Sir please help in this regard

Sam Qiu: Hi, I'm a regional logistics manager from China. Recently, I'm drafting some English training materials for my new employee in Malaysia. As a non-native native speaker, how to translate my international trade knowledge from Chinese to English is a big challenge. I'm really grateful that I finally find your blog, which provides me great support. Thank you very much on all your sharing.

Bukola Elizabeth : Please how can I start ginger and garlic exporting business. And what are their procedures.

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