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1. Any one who is interested to start an export import business.


2. Any one who is interested to learn international trade of export and import.


3. Employees or management who have been working with import export companies.


4. Employees or management who have been working with shipping and freight forwarding companies.


5. Staff who are with customs brokers.


6. Employees or management who have been with buying agents, export-import trading companies, merchandising companies etc.


7. Students who specialize in the field of international trade, import export firms, shipping and freight forwarding companies, Clearing and forwarding agents, buying agents, merchandisers etc.


The above information is a part of Import Export Training online

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Transhipment - A redefinition


Travelers to India under import duty exemption, Frequently Asked Questions Part 2


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 Triangular shipment


Types of Insurance Documents.


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What is self assessment in import customs clearance in India?



 What is SGS Inspection in Exports and Imports?


 What is shipment Advice and what are the contents of shipping advice


What is Shipper Load, stow and count in Bill of Lading

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How to obtain a duplicate BL, if original bill of lading lost.
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What is the difference between BAF and CAF
What is the difference between High sea sales and imports
What is the difference between re-exports and re-imports
Transhipment - A redefinition
Types of Insurance Documents

Travelers to India under import duty exemption, Frequently Asked Questions Part 2

Triangular export

 Triangular shipment

Types of Insurance Documents.

What is the earliest date can be mentioned on Bill of Lading. Can BL date and let export date be same day?

What is the Procedure for importing goods through Post offices in India

What is Third Party Exports? Difference between manufacturer exporter and third party exporter.

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When does exporter get EP copy of shipping bill after customs clearance

Which category of exporter are you? Merchant Exporter,Manufacturer exporter,Service exporter Project Exporter or Deemed Exporter

 How to make DA mode of payment safe

How to make delay in delivery of Shipment?

 How to minimize import cargo clearance time? An open logic proposal to WTO

How to obtain a duplicate BL, if original bill of lading lost.

How to obtain GSP - Certificate of Origin?

How to obtain Phyto sanitary certificate. What is phytosanitary certification

 How to obtain waiver on detention/ demurrage on imported goods/container from Shipping company/CFS



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Bipin Panchal..M/s Kings international Inc. Canada: Hi, Being abroad from your home land you feel so all alone. And when you think of entering Export Import business such blogs are so informative and motivating ...that keeps me charged ..thank you so much for sharing your experience and the good work you do..wish to receive more of such information and your valuable knowledge..It is pleasure reading ..thank you and Best Wishes

Bharatsinh Chavda: Respected Sir First of all I would like to say thanks for sharing your speechless knowledge with everyone. In prevalent time, without any charges, no one is ready to share such a kind of knowledge which you have. I again want to say you, "thank you very very much" for this selfless service to the educated society. Whenever I am free, "I just start reading your articles which are really very helpful and knowledge giver" Regards, Bharat

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Abhilash: hi,this website is very useful to all those who are working in freight forwarding companies,customs house agents and also for exporters and importers also,really it is wonderful website,and also please update more information on export,import & customs procedure.

preeti karemore: thank u sir, this site really helped me out in many exports terms which i was unaware. this is awesome !!!

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komal: Specially this blog is very helpful to an employees & its very easy to understand....hope we getting more updates in a way...thanks to sir who spreading his knowledge with good intention....keep it up...

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abdirishid : Well done mate good information for beginner like me

Baladhandayutham A: Sir,I am beginner for import export business I want basic procedure for start this business...

J. Banerjee: Would like to get guidance as follows: An electrical equipment, say, transformer is manufactured outside India. Employer would like that Freight charges and responsibility of delivering the equipment to site is covered under the responsibility of contractor and NOT the Employer. The equipment is transported first by (i) sea , then by (ii) air and finally by road to site. Would like to know - whether CIP or CIF is preferable and is "sale in transit"can be made applicable in both.

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