Commission for Export order

Payment of Commission for Export Order


Commission for Export orderPayment of commission is a crucial issue as it is revenue 10 the 3Erent while it is an expense to the exporter. Commission, basis for calculation and when it becomes due are significant issues that are to be made abundantly clear in the contract. Rate is a percentage while base may be the invoice value or net realized proceeds, after deduction of expenses, incurred by the agent. Normally, agent is entitled to commission soon after exporter accepts the order. There is every possibility that the realization of proceeds may not materialize. after payment of commission. it is desirable to, incorporate that the agent would be entitled for commission only after the receipt of proceeds in India. Such clause is necessary in view of the regulations of RBI.


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Rajinder Garg : please advise whether their is any ceiling on agency commission on export.

vaibhav: hello vaibhav here from shreejee export pvt ltd, we are manufacturing rayon fabric please get in touch with us

Mehrez : Hello sir i have a question about commission ? is commission deductable for customs ? is commission visible in commercial invoice ?

sofia: I work with Polpharm in Poland, I need an India partner who will stand as a middleman for a supply business. transaction with Polpharm in Poland . I will require 30% commission from each supply made to the company. For details reply.

andrey: I am located in Ontario, Canada and have been asked by Companies in India and Nepal to be a sales rep here for their products. I will only be working on commission basis so how does the process work if stores are the ones paying the manufacturers and the manufacturers are shipping directly to stores? Can these manufacturers accept Credit card and debit card payments? I’d like to try and make this work for these manufacturers. Please explain process.

deepak: I came to though site I am planning to do export some items like clothes, pulses, etc to Canada. I am new to this export world and I need the below info. Can you please help? 1) Is there a website where I can find export agents for commission and info on their reviews. 2) How can I orders items with exports agents online? 3) Is there a website where I can find export agents in Chennai/Tuticorin ?

jasmin: There is an on-going tender bidding here in Nigeria for the supply of your product in a very large quantity. Can you send us your price list for further proceedings. We will like to order some of your product and also want to know if you do ship to Nigeria , please if you do accept this, you have to send us your price list, so that I can get back to you with the quantity needed. As a commission agent, My commission should come to me as soon as you receive your sale value from the organization and this commission is usually 1% of the total invoice value.

peter: We are authorized NIPC /Business agent in Ghana, Our scope is basically searching for companies/Individuals to bid for NIPC contract on commission basis. We receive 2% commission from the seller/manufacturer in any successful contract done through our recommendation. We will like to make a preliminary presentation/introduction of your company to the ministry for their consideration. Could you please be kind enough to furnish us with the following information to enable us present/introduce your highly esteemed company to the appropriate Ministry. 1) Your e-brochure/catalog. 2) The Technical details of your product 3) Your company profile We shall deploy all resources in our disposal to ensure a successful bidding for your company. You may include any information or document that you deem necessary. We are looking forward to working with you.

nayak: Hi Sofia, Kindly email me your details

Roy: Hi, We are manufacturer and exporter of equestrian leather and non-leather products. Can I get a commision agent to increase my business. Could you please contact me at my email addess. Thank you.

Rohit Bhatnagar: Hello looking for a Commission Agent for procuring orders for Rice/ Spices and Herbs/ clothing and textile against irrevocable LC at Sight/TT/100% Advance. We shall be paying handsome commission (in double figures) for maturing the deal as per our terms and Conditions

Amir : We are manufacture and exporters

MO ABAS: I need export agent

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