Certification from Pollution control Board

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Certificate from Pollution control board to import

One of the requirements to import some of the specific products effecting environment is to obtain a Certificate from pollution control department of importing country.

pollution control board certificate to importNecessary certificate from pollution board has to be attached along with other documents, as a part of documentation methods to import some of the specific products fall under.

The import of Hazardous Wastes is subject to control by the Pollution Control Department. The importer of such products is required to obtain a Basel Permit for the import of hazardous wastes controlled under the Basel Convention and the Hazardous Waste and its Regulations. The import, export and transit of hazardous wastes are not allowed with non-parties to the Basel Convention.

Importer must declare Basel Import or Transit Permit Number, item description and item quantity, the corresponding Product HS codes etc. along with import permit application. Importer has to fax Invoice, Bill of Lading (BL) or Air waybill (AWB), Copy of Basel export, import or transit permit or any other supporting documents relevant to the export, import or transit permit to the Pollution Control Department.

If any material containing hazardous materials is imported, importer should follow the terms and conditions of Hazardous Waste (Control of Export, Import and Transit) Act and its Regulations along with permit from Pollution Control Department, the national competent authority for Basel Convention.

The concerned authority will issue a permit for the import of the hazardous waste, if it is satisfied that all the relevant competent authorities of the other countries have also given their consent of the movement.


A brief description about the subject is explained here.   You may contact concerned government agency for latest update.     

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Basic information about documentation procedures to obtain certificate from pollution control department is explained, as a part of process of importation. If you wish to add more information about the method of obtaining NOC from pollution board to import certain items, please share your thoughts below.



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