Animal Quarantine Certification for Export or Import

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Certificate from Animal Quarantine Department

Why Animal Quarantine certification for exports and Imports?

Animal Quarantine Certification for Export or Import ]The main purpose of animal quarantine inspection certificate is to prevent the ingress of dangerous exotic diseases into the country through imported livestock and livestock products. Any exports or imports should not cause to danger of infiltration of known and unknown transmissible diseases which leads serious and rapid spread, in turn adversely affect human or (and) animal health consequences and socio economic development of the country.


If any goods of imports or exports fall under the regulation list of radioactive elements, permission from Animal Quarantine Department is required to import or export such goods. Necessary application for certification from Animal Quarantine Department has to be filed and to be obtained permission as per specified format insisted by Animal Quarantine Department prior to import or export such products.

Such certificate from Animal Quarantine Department to export or import has to be enclosed along with other shipping documents at the time of export/import customs location prior to export/import.


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Comments Sub : Application for Animal Quarantine and Certification 1. That I am start the business Export Dry fish in Nepal. 2. That I have all valid licence for Export in Nepal except Animal Quarantine and Certification licence. It, is therefore, my humble prayer that your honour my be please guide me, so that I can apply Animal Quarantine and certification licence. Thanking you

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