Pre Shipment inspection Certification (PSI)


Pre shipment inspection Certificate


Pre shipment inspection ensures the quality of goods and services of export product to deliver best to overseas buyers.


Pre Shipment inspection Certification (PSI)In an export import trade channel, there could be different pre-shipment inspections involved. Such pre shipment inspection could be at factory of exporter, shipping location or any other location before shipment of goods. Again, the inspection agency could be in different levels – Exporter’s personnel who specialized in QC (Quality Controller), a global reputed private agency or an agency governed by government agency.


A private agency globally approved by various government authorities of many countries is widely involved in Pre Shipment Inspection activities for certification of export goods.



A list of various agencies approved by different countries worldwide is attached here.

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Aashish: We are a DGFT authorised pre shipment inspection agency having its office and inspectors world over. Please get in touch with us at psic (at) psic (dot) co for your preshipment inspection needs.

Jay Thomas: Hello there, We're exporting a mixed FCL from Maanshan, Anhui province, including guillotine machinery and 4 coils of galvanized steel. We booked this on MSC line to sail from Shanghai port on June 14, but MSC has come back and said we need a third-party 'loading supervision certificate', which we had not heard of before. Can you provide this service in Maanshan? Or can we take photos of the loading and send to you to check? Or maybe you can see everything by video call? Let us know soon! Thanks

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