Import documents required in Importing country

Certifications and documentation for imports in  Importing country


Information provided here describes about documents required  in importing country which need to be submitted with customs officials  for the clearance process.


The documents required  in importing country to take delivery of imported cargo is based on the product importing, multilateral trade agreements, bilateral or unilateral trade agreements, and other trade policies of Importing country government.  The import documents required in Importing country also depends up on the nature of goods importing (General goods, Personal effects, Dangerous goods, Livestock etc.) ,regular trade policy of Importing country Government,  specific goods importing to Importing country (Arms and ammunition, health products, food products, chemicals etc.)


However, the following documents required to import goods to Importing country in general:


Import Customs clearance documents required in Importing country


Customs Entry document: (specified by Importing country customs) prepared by importer’s customs broker or Importer

Customs bond if applicable for specific goods importing to Importing country or to claim import benefits from Importing country government

Legal Undertaking (LUT) if applicable to claim import benefits from Importing country government or to import specific products

Customs declarations wherever applicable:  Importing country import customs clearance declarations as per specified format of importing country’s government.

Import License if applicable to be obtained from government agency of Importing country.

Insurance Certificate issued by the government authorized insurance service provider

Certificates of Inspection if applicable:  Some of the importers demands exporter (seller) through LC or Purchase order to inspect export goods to Importing country by an internationally recognized inspection agency like SGS, BVQI, or other Quality inspecting agency. etc.

ATA CARNET/Temporary shipment certificate if applicable

Purchase order or Letter of Credit between Importing country importer and overseas supplier of goods.

Commercial Invoice cum packing list issued by seller of goods

Certificate of Origin issued by competent authority of origin country of goods.

Certificate of Analysis if applicable.  The buyer may insist the seller to enclose certificate of analysis about the goods.  The same certificate helps Importing country customs authorities to confirm the product imported to Importing country.

Certificate of Free Sale if applicable.  If goods are not commercially involved, a certificate of sale is attached by exporter along with goods dispatched.

Weight Certificate if applicable.   Weight certificate issued by exporter is required at various circumstances like satiability of flight, satiability of vessel, International road safety rules, import or export duty calculation, claiming export/import benefits from government etc.

Consular Invoiceif applicable:  Some of the importing countries insists embassy attested documents which is mandatory at importing country to customs clear goods.


Documents required for customs in Importing country for specific products

Health Certificate if applicable

Ingredients Certificate if applicable

Inspection Certificate if applicable

Pre-Shipment Inspection certificate if applicable

Phytosanitary Certificate/quarantine certificate if applicable

Radiation Certificate if applicable

Electronic Export Information if applicable

Certificate of Health or Sanitation if applicable

Generic Certificate of Origin if applicable

Dangerous Goods Certificate if applicable

Fisheries Certificate if applicable

Fumigation Certificate if applicable

Halal Certificate if applicable

Dock Receipt and Warehouse Receipt if applicable

ISPM 15 (Wood Packaging) Marking certificate if applicable

Product manual or Product catalogue if applicable

Certified Engineer's Report if applicable

Chartered engineer’s certificate if applicable

Product specification certificate

Other specified documents if applicable


Bank Import documents in Importing country

Bill of Exchange

Purchase order or Letter of Credit

Commercial Invoice cum packing list

Pro forma Invoice

Certificate of Origin

Insurance Certificate

Certificates of Inspection if applicable

Electronic Export Information if applicable

Certificate of Health or Sanitation if applicable

Other specified documents if applicable


This post explains about various documents required to be submitted with the Importing country’s Customs Authority in order to obtain clearance of the consignment and subsequently move it out of the port of Importing country Customs.


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