Shipper's Certification for Non - Hazardous Cargo

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DHL/AWB no. Airport of Dep. Airport of Dest.
MAWB no.
This is to certify that the articles / substances of this shipment are properly described by name
that they are not listed in the current edition of IATA / Dangerous Goods Regulations ( DGR ),
Alphabetical List of Dangerous Goods,nor do they correspond to any of the hazard classes
appearing in the DGR,Section 3,classification of Dangerous goods and that they are known not to be
dangerous,I.e,not restricted.
Furthermore the shipper confirms that the goods are in proper condition for transportation on
passenger carrying aircraft ( DGR, 8.1.23.) of International Air Transport Association ( I A T A )
Marks and Proper description of goods / give technical name Net Quantity
Number of (Trade Names not Permitted) per package
Packages Specify each article separately) NET WEIGHT
on packages
Name & Address of Shipper
To be completed in duplicate duly signed & stamped by shipper
ONE COPY to be filed with the AWB copy at ORIGIN & ONE COPY to accompany DEST: AWB
Attach Lab Analysis Report,Material Safety Data Sheet for Bulk-Drugs/ medicines/ Chemicals/ Cosmetics.
pls certify that no hidden dangerous goods are stored or filled in any components or spare-parts.
e.g. Plastic components /Transformer Spares / Elect & Electronic Appliances / for Plastic & Rubber (specify) PVC /etc
Films ( non-nitro-cellulose base ) /
Please note that MSDS is available at
Shipper's Certification for Non - Hazardous Cargo


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Click below to download this form in pdf format: 


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