Self Certification under Export quality inspection



Self Certification



Self Certification under Export quality inspectionCertain manufacturing units are given the freedom to certify their inspection certificates. The philosophy behind the scheme is that manufacturing units, with proven track record of maintenance of quality, deserve to enjoy the freedom for issuance of pre-shipment inspection certificate themselves. The essential condition is that the unit has not received any complaint during the last three years.

For the purpose of qualifying to become eligible, the reputed manufacturing unit should comply with the prescribed norms that include the following:

• Product Quality

• Design and Development

• Raw materials/Bought out Components

• Organization and personnel for quality control

• Process Control

• Laboratory

• Quality Audit

• Packaging

• After-sales-service and

• House-keeping and Maintenance

After conducting inspection, EIC recognizes the units for issue of self-certification.

The approved unit under this system is recognised by notification under section 7 of the act as the Agency for Quality Control and Inspection of specific products, manufactured in the unit. Validity of such recognition is for a period of one year. Period may be extended provided the unit continues to enjoy the above facilities. This system has removed the need to obtain certificate of inspection from an outside agency. The manufacturing unit certifies its own product and issues the inspection certificate. This has provided an added edge in exportation to the really deserving reputed units.

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