Penalization under importation of hazardous material


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Re-export of Hazardous material imported

Penalization under import of hazardous materialsOk, what happens if goods imported contains hazardous materials? Can an importer destroy the said hazardous goods at importing country? What is the procedures, if imported goods are detected hazardous material after testing from laboratory at importing country?


If importers of hazardous waste not followed the necessary norms of importing country, such imported goods of hazardous waste have to be destroyed or to be removed out of importing country. Such non-compliant imported hazardous goods of hazardous waste may be also fined by imposing penal charges, apart from re-export to origin country. As per Hazardous Wastes management, handling and Trans boundary movement rules, the hazardous waste goods are moved as per Form 9 specified by importing country.

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Omprakash Yadav : I and i have recently set up an office for Import/Export. I am relatively new to this, and do not have very experienced guidance for myself.I will Be importing chemicals since my father has several clients in that field, and I have following questions to ask to you :- 1) After my consignment reaches the POD, what are the total additional expenses that i need to take into account .( example D/O charges, stuffing-De-stuffing, customs clearance , various taxes etc ), so that i can calculate my approx purchasing cost, so as to give a quotation to my buyers in india. 2) I have been talking to chinese suppliers over the commodity of my choice, but i find it very difficult to trace the authenticated ones, how do i make sure i am dealing with a safe and reliable supplier ? 3) I will be receiving purchase order for the material that i should be importing within the next 2 weeks, hence i need to be on talking terms with proper suppliers and also need to know the various documents for selling my commodity to the buyers in india. I will be importing Sodium Nitrate (NaNO3) & Sodium Nitrite (NaNO2) , both industrial grade.

Hari haran : I want to open a New Import Export firm at Hyderabad. Mainly I want to start import the petroleum linked products like furnace oil, paraffin wax etc. What are the formalities to open a firm? How can u help me? How much time will take to get a IEC, AD Code etc?

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