Process of importation of Hazardous Waste


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Procedure for import of goods containing hazardous waste

The article below explains Procedures to Import Hazardous waste, Custom clearance to import Hazardous wastes.

Procedures for import of hazardous wastesWhat are the rules followed to import Hazardous waste?

A person intending to import and transit for trans-boundary movement of hazardous wastes specified shall apply concerned government authorities of importing country as per their rules and regulations. Most of importing country may insist importer to obtain necessary permission from Pollution department or equivalent authority simultaneously. Based on necessary comments from pollution department, the concerned authority can issue an import permit subjected to importer have the environmentally sound recycling, recovery or reuse facilities. The permit is provided to importer based on the adequate facilities and arrangement for treatment and disposal of wastes generated and valid registration from the Pollution department and a proof of being an actual user.

Such government authority who issues import permit for goods containing hazardous waste material shall forward a copy of the permission granted to other government agencies to ensure compliance of the conditions of imports and safe handling of the hazardous waste. The Port and Customs authorities shall ensure that shipment is accompanied by the Movement Documents specified and the test report of analysis of the hazardous waste consignment in question, from a laboratory accredited by the exporting country.

The Customs authority shall collect three randomly drawn samples of the consignment (prior to clearing the consignment as per the provisions laid down under the Customs Act, 1962) for analysis and retain the report for a period of two years, in order to ensure that in the event of any dispute, as to whether the consignment conforms or not to the declaration made in the application and Movement Document. The importer of the hazardous waste shall maintain records of the hazardous waste imported by him in Form 10 and the record so maintained shall be available for inspection. The importer shall also inform the concerned licensing authority, the date and time of the arrival of the consignment of the hazardous waste ten days in advance.


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