Difference between DAP in payment terms and DAP in delivery terms copy

The Exporter and Importers may use latest version of Inco Terms 2020 for movement of their goods.  Click here to read the content of Incoterms 2020, easily explained

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Can I use CIF terms under air shipment? Is DDP shipment meant for air shipment only?  Can FOB be used under air shipment? Any wrong to apply CFR under air shipment?  Is EXW only meant for Air transport?


Some of the traders in international trade are confused with the latest International Commercial Terms 2010 with the use of terms of delivery.


According to Inco Terms 2010, shipping terms and their mode of transport are given under:

EX-WORKS    Air and Sea
FCA  Air and Sea
CPT  Air and Sea   
CIP   Air and Sea
DAT  Air and Sea
DAP  Air and Sea
DDP  Air and Sea
FAS   Sea and Inland water
FOB  Sea and Inland water
CFR  Sea and Inland water
CIF  Sea and Inland water

Although Inco Terms 2010 clearly explains the above shipping terms and their mode of transport, some of the traders have been mixing up those terms.

Inco Terms for movement of goods is revised as Incoterms 2020.  The importers and exporters are suggested to use the latest versionClick here to read the contents of Inco Terms 2020.

Detailed articles about Inco Terms of Delivery under export and import of International business  have been mentioned in  separate category – INCO TERMS – in this web site. 

You can click here to read.  

The Exporter and Importers may use latest version of Inco Terms 2020 for movement of their goods.  Click here to read the content of Incoterms 2020, easily explained

I hope the above information helps to clarify delivery terms and their modes of transport.


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saubhagya kumar kar: Dear Sir I want to know that in C&I terms of delivery the insurance to be paid is the buyer's insurance or it is transit insurance to be done.Please clarify. My mail ID is

p.nallathambi: dear sir i am from salem distict , tamilnadu state,india,i will start export business my nearest port is chennai.i dont no how fob,c&f,cif,terms works.for example,my product is cotton towel weight is 500gm,rate is 200 INR.please explain term for fob,c&f,cif,

Vishal S. Savekar: Dear Sir, I don't no how FOB,CRF,CIF,CNF terms works. Please explain term for FOB,CRF,CIF,CNF..

Praveen choudhary: dear sir i am from udaipur distict , Rajasthan state,india,i will start export business my nearest port is Kandla.i dont no how fob,c&f,cif,terms works.for example,my product is marble cut size, weight is 53.80kg/sq.m,rate is 591INR/sq.m.please explain term for fob,c&f,cif,

Surendran Kollerath: Hi Saubhagya Kumar, Normally under C&I transactions, Insurance is arranged by the supplier of goods. However transit insurance or another insurance by the buyer also can be arranged at the cost of buyer if additionally required.

Surendran Kollerath: Hi Vishal S.Savekar, Please go throught articles under Inco Terms in this website.

Vivek Dave: Hi, I would like to import Aseptic Filling Machine and Aseptic Packing Paper Material from China to Bangalore - India. As per my client here in Bangalore, want the High Sea Sell - means CIF Chennai / Mumbai Sea Port. In this condition, what will be the Import Duty will be applicable to my clients. If I will deliver the machine and material at their works here in bangalore, what will be the Import duty for both the articles. reply by revert mail to discuss further with our clients. Thanks,

Surendran Kollerath: Hi Vivek Dave, You may consult a Customs House Agent to know import duty

Surendran Kollerath: Hi Praveen Choudhary, You can read articles under 'Inco Terms' in this website

Pranav: Dear We will know can CIP terms acceptable in Ukraine Custom in Air shipment. waiting for your urgent revert.

Dev Kumar: Dear Sir, good day ! first of all I am big fan of you since then I visited your site . it's too excellent. in comparison with other it can solve any query I have come to know . the procedure of cargo insurance with the whole detail .how to insure import cargo ? what docs are required for submission etc... please assist on this With best regards

rahul irutt: If i am importer from mumbai & supplier from china So all expences custom duty ocenfrieght pay buy suplier & importer take insurance my resposelibity start from jnpt port all custom duty insurance payCif all expences for china port & ocen frieght paid by supplier inculdung insurance my responseblity start from jnpt so please explain cif fob differace

Ilqar Huseynov : I would kindly ask you to quote for the below transportation service.

Kamran Khan : I am a regulare reader of your portal and I am situated in Mumbai and currently got a placement in a logistic freight forwarding company in Import department. I am actually finding bit difficulty in understand the DDP, DAP, EXW shipment step by step procedure to follow. While handling such shipments. Please help me with detailed understanding.

Lhen Rodriguez: Hi Sir,I just want to inquire if INCOTERMS 2010 by themselves DO NOT... Define where title transfer?

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