Difference between FCA and FOB in terms of Delivery of goods


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Difference between FCA and FOB in terms of Delivery of goods.

How to differentiate FOB and FCA in term of delivery?  We have discussed about FCA and FOB in detail in this web blog separately.  I hope the contents of those articles are easy to understand.  Let me state in simple explanation on  FOB Vs FCA.

Difference between FCA and FOB in terms of Delivery of goods copyFCA terms of delivery were introduced under international commercial Terms 2010.  The term FOB has been being continued for the past many decades, however after 2010 FOB terms of shipping has been included in the smaller groups.

What is a FOB term in easy language? 

In an FOB terms of delivery, the seller delivers the goods on board the vessel at his own cost.  The rest of expenses and risk of on carriage to final destination bears by the buyer.  In an export shipment, once  the goods ready for export, the shipper  arranges to move cargo to load port after necessary customs formalities.  The goods are loaded on board the vessel at the cost of exporter.  This is the simple explanation on FOB terms.  Also read Basic tips to exporter while contracting terms of delivery on FOB basisWho decides shipping carrier on FOB shipments?



What is FCA terms of shipping in quick reference?

In terms of delivery FCA, the export cleared goods are delivered by the seller to the carrier at the named and defined location mentioned in the contract.   So the obligation to deliver goods fulfills by the seller up to the location where FCA contracts.  From the said point of location, buyer needs to take responsibility. In an FCA terms of delivery, normally seller’s assistance is required by the buyer to deliver goods at contracted place at buyer’s costs and risks.  If the location to deliver goods has not been mentioned in the contract, the seller can arrange to deliver the goods to the location where buyer’s carrier is available by mutually accepting.   In an FCA terms of delivery, the delivery of goods also can be at the seller’s premises, if mutually agreed between buyer and seller. However in such transactions, the ex-works terms are used.   FCA terms are commonly used on container transport movement as RO/RO (roll on – roll off) used by trailers and ferries. If the buyer can not carry out the export formalities, either directly or indirectly, FCA terms are opted in such business transactions also.   I hope, the FCA terms are explained in easy to understand.

In short, under FOB terms, the seller completes all export formalities and delivers goods to get on board the vessel arranged by buyer.  However in FCA terms, the seller’s liability to deliver goods fulfills, once after loading goods to the carrier appointed by buyer which is   prior to onboard the main vessel.  The goods need to be gone onboard the vessel under FOB terms, where as the fulfillment of obligation to deliver goods by the seller ends, when loading of goods to the carrier at the location agreed mutually in FCA terms.  Also read FCA Term of Delivery, a simplified tutorial   Mode of transport under EX WORKS/FCA/CPT/CIP/DAT/DAP/DDP/FAS/FOB/CFR/CIF

Detailed articles about Inco Terms of Delivery under export and import of International business  have been mentioned in  separate category – INCO TERMS – in this web site.  You can click here to read.

This is the simple explanation on difference between FCA and FOB.  Do you have different thought on FCA vs.. FOB? 



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Caroline Laufer : Thank you for the explanation . Is both can be used for air & sea shipment ?

Surendran Kollerath: Hi Caroline, You may read http://howtoexportimport.com/Mode-of-transport-under-EX-WORKS-FCA-CPT-CIP-DAT-D-543.aspx

Florian Pavel: I work for a company who produces shoes in India and sells them further to clients in Europe. We have clients who ordered on a FOB Port India basis (delivery condition), and D/P payment condition. Meaning when we receive the B/L we issue the client invoice and the client makes the payment accordingly. All good until here.Now we want to change the delivery conditions to FCA so we pass more of the responsibility of the shipment to the client. My question is: Is there a possibility that the client can pay the client invoice before the receipt of BL? Meaning when we hand over the goods to their forwarder, according to the document issued when they receive the goods?

Shashi Patel : I am Civil Engg and proprietor of my Co. railways contractor for turn key projects of S&T , new to Impot/Export business. At present I am working on viability study of exporting de icing salt to Some purchaser in S korea who has offered CIF rate for the product. I have got product rate from manufacturer and its handling cost ie FOB/kandla price. Now am looking for good freight forwarder with CHA license who could do his part in exporting de icing salt from kandla/ Mudra port to S korea. 50000MT+-10%, Bulk shipment, no need bag, two port discharge, Pyeongtaek port and kun San .I have apprehension about the product to be exported also from custom side. How to go ahead now, if you can guide me .

Dan: When does the legal 'transfer of title' (to the goods) occur when using FCA shipping terms?

Mohammad Enayet Ullah: Please easy describe about Shipping Agent, Carrier and forwarder.

MUHAMMAD IMRAN: pl clarif may we use incoterm fob in by air shipment or other

Amit Kumar: Does FOB charges applicable in FCA shipment?

Bhargav: We have project where delivery needs to be quoted on FOB International sea port basis. In this case can we use bonded ware in india and declare them as FOB bonded ware house

Khin Naw Mu: Thank you for this explanation.

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