Easy tips while deciding terms of delivery in export business:

Easy tips while deciding terms of delivery in export business


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Normally the terms of delivery is decided by both buyer and seller mutually. However in some cases buyer insists seller to have this priority of deciding terms of delivery. In such cases, buyer demands the delivery terms as per his choice and convenience. If the terms are on ex-factory basis, the seller has no hassles, just ship the goods as per buyers instructions. However if the buyer insist delivery terms as C&F, CIF, DDU or DDP, you need to do some basic work on fixing the selling cost. You can go through my related articles explaining in details on the subject.

Detailed articles about Inco Terms of Delivery under export and import of International business  have been mentioned in  separate category – INCO TERMS – in this web site.  You can click here to read.

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Nilesh kumar: I was asked in my interview some question pls help me with your practical point of view -- Import costing?? Custom Documentation ?? Clearance procedure ?? Import duty on Chemical and Machines?? Third Party exports??

amit rudra : First of all I want to thank you for your website regarding procedure how to start Import Export business for a beginners. Your details are very helpful for a beginner.I want to start a Export business for ladies garments like Ladies saree, ladies suits, embroidered sarees, ladies salwar kameez, bridal sarees, silk sarees, indian sarees.I want to know what are the market of all this products in the world.I also want to know after got PO from importer what are the step have to taken to execute the order.

Admin: Hi amit rudra, Read more information about export import business in this website.

satbir singh : i am satbir sing.i dont know anything about import and export.i am living in punjab. i have been done b tech in ece in 2012.after i am unemployed.i have no money.i am intrested to start a import export business. guide me sir how to start and how to do because i am belong to a poor family.i want to discuss the things

kannan dm : I want to start export business plz guide me to start the business. how to get dealers

Duezt Ato : My names are Theophilus Umebiye, CEO Duezt-Ato Nigeria Limited, Abuja Nigeria. I am a Nigerian and i studied in Punjabi University Patiala Punjab. Actually, I want to go into export and import business. So I needed to have a full knowledge of what I am about to start. I will be very grateful if you can put me through about this course. I will be importing from India,China, Europe and South America. Please,kindly let me know the necessary things to be done before importing or exporting.

mehul: This is to bring in to notice that we have a shipment coming in from Huzhou China, there shipment contains the sensor and components which are called as Overlays for touch screen integration. They are one of the accessories for the display-healthcare equipment. The shipment details are the following. Carrier: Fedex Shipment Tracking Number: 438916991420 From: HUZHOU CH - TO AHMEDABAD GJ IN Last Location Update On: 06/12/ – Mumbai – Clearance delay We didn’t received our shipment and as per the regulation it will be delivered before 2nd of December, however they are still showing under customs clearance and therefore there is no update yet when our shipment would be cleared. As per the request of our carrier Fedex the shipment carrier - we have sent all the necessary details as asked by fedex. However they are still saying that it is under the clearance. We would therefore request you to kindly look in to the matter and do the necessary clearance since it has been 25 days since our shipment is delayed and in the clearance with no specific reason updates. We are a small business enterprise doing work in the space of Software Technology Development and Hardware Research. I would therefore be highly thankful if you can help us do the necessary clearance on immediate basis.

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