Shipping Bill for Export in India

Shipping Bill for Export in India


The shipping bill is the main document on the basis of which the customs permission is given. Under manual processing of export documents, the exporter is required to file the appropriate type of shipping bill to seek the order for customs clearance of the export shipment. Under computerized processing, the exporter does not prepare the shipping bill; instead it is computer generated. The customs order is called "LET EXPORT Order". After the shipping bill is stamped by the customs, then only the goods are allowed to be carted to the docks.

The shipping bill contains the following particulars:

(A) Nature of goods exported,

(B) Name of vessel, master or agents,

(C) Flag,

(D) Country of destination, the port at which the goods are to be discharged,

(E) Exporter's address,

(F) Importer's address,

(G) Details of the packages, such as numbers and marks,

(H) Quantity details of each case, total number of cases and aggregate weight,

(I) F.O.B. prices and real value as defined in the Sea Customs Act and

(J) Whether the merchandise is Indian or foreign origin which is re-exported.


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