What is SGS Inspection in Exports and Imports?


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What is SGS Inspection in Exports and Imports? 

The full form of SGS derived from French which is called Société Générale de Surveillance.     


SGS is an international inspection agency works all over the world in the field of improving quality and productivity, reducing risk, verifying compliance and increasing speed to market.


SGS has offices worldwide to facilitate exporters to improve best quality of products exporting. SGS is a free independent body specialized in various levels with a motto of serving best quality. Since the distance from buyer and seller is very far, the buyer can appoint an international inspection agency like SGS to make sure on the quality of goods he buys. Inspection charges of SGS are met by either buyer orWhat is SGS Inspection in Exports and Imports copy supplier as per mutually agreed terms before export.


Some of the foreign buyers require the suppliers to get the inspection done by SGS with certificate of approval. This type of inspection helps buyers to make sure about the quality of goods as per his required parameters. While placing purchase order, the buyer provides the complete specification of goods. The buyer insists SGS inspection as one of the terms and conditions of export contract. The exporter arranges SGS professional locally to inspect export goods, SGS satisfies the quality as per buyer’s requirements and certifies. Once after completion of satisfied inspection by meeting all required specification as per buyer’s requirements, the SGS issues a certificate on inspection. This certificate has to be enclosed along with other shipping documents to buyer.


SGS charges are paid either by the exporter or importer as agreed at the time of contract.


The advantages for supplier is that he makes sure on the quality of goods exported and the reliability and business relationship strengthens between buyer and seller.  Do you wish to add more information about SGS operation and their role in maintaining quality of export goods? Would you like to share your experience about SGS inspection?  You may also read  Maintain quality of goods - a prime factor in exports


SGS means Société Générale de Surveillance (French), and I hope I could explain a brief description of SGS.


Please find attached some of the PSI (Pre Shipment Inspection) agencies world wide.  Click here to read:


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Mohammad Gulfraz: Dear Sir/Madam, I want to know that If we want to load one container of PVC Rubber & Gasket for Kenya . how we can arrange the SGS Inspection while we have no proper specification in the purchase Order ...? Regards Mohammad Gulfraz

Max export: I would like to do sgs for my cars so I can ship them to Turkey Europe. What should I do? Could you please give a phone number so we can contact you

Dr.Jitesh: we want to export high quality chemical grade limestone and lime products from Rajasthan. What are the specifications for such type of limestone based industries and how should we proceed to go ahead to get your services.Shall you provide one time certification for our raw material from our mine and finished goods from our industry of calcium carbonate.

Surendran Kollerath: Hi Dr.Jitesh, You can consult a technical consultant specialized in products you mentioned.

Tanvish Patel: Hello, I want to import Pet Bottle scrap from the UK in India. I haven't import license, is it possible to get the pet bottle scraps through SGS? One of the supplier in the UK said they can send me the scraps of Pet Bottles through SGS and it doesn't require Import license. Is it possible? Please give me details in brief because i don't have any idea of import export. Thank you

ilaine aquino: Our good office would like to ask any contact persons/contact number of your office counterpart in Thailand for the import requirements on their side and to be able to provide the needed documents for shipment. Thank you and best regards

john cutt: how long will it take for the SGS certificate to be out once you apply for it

Admin: Hi John cutt, SGS certificate is issued, once after satisfaction of inpspection specificification requirements by SGS inspection authorities.

v v n reddy: Hi Would like to export food grains / perishable goods. Can we get SGS certificate for our goods say rice, corn, fresh vegetables, fruits etc. Want to export from Chennai Port. Can we get contact details of SGS / BVQI in Chennai. thanks

anuj singla: a4 copy paper SGS inspection full informetion thailand to for india ludhiana port

jamindar: Dear sir we want import water soluble fertilizers from china. Is SGS inspection is done in the companies which are not having SGS certificate.. To import water soluble fertilizers may we know approximate charges collected for quality , packing , container loading etc. please inform us

Sandeep Brahmbhatt: Dear sir, Kindly give me address of SGS Inspection laboratory's from Delhi & Mumbai.

anand jaiswal: hello sir i want to know if i import one contanor load of nylon conveyor belt in china how we can book sgs inpection

Shithab: Dear Sir, Good Day to you I want to export 1000 Mt. bitumen,from bander abbas to mombsa, could you please explain me what are the documents are required for this shipments,and how I get SGS inspection from bander abbas,

GD Dhanabal : We are a newly started export company doing export of coconuts from Kangayam Town, Tirupur District, Tamil Nadu. We do browse almost daily and send business inquiries to many importers, dealers and traders abroad. But, so far, no response from them. We are still trying. Here we would like to request you to let us know where we have to approach to get such buyers... is there any government bodies available and providing us such addresses? Or what should we do to get few buyers abroad for our products. We look for your valuable guidance enabling us to do export.

Sibghat Khan: I am sibghat khan from pune Maharashtra.i want to export dry fruits to Dubai,what is the procedure to open that business please help me Regards

hafeez khan : this is hafeez khan from bangalore let me know what is the procedure to import fruits from china

VS Varma: We are starting our Business in fruits & vegetables import and export. would like to know whether SGS would do the service of Pre dispatch inspection in Europe i.e Spain, Netherland , Germany and some other parts of Europe for Fruits & Vegetables importing.

kamlesh: Dear All, We at Cotecna are renowned Swiss Based Inspection Organisation and perform Pre Shipment Inspection Jobs. You can email me - Kamlesh.parmar@cotecna.ae or contact +971504599607 for more details.

Sale tm : We are doing paper trading concern in india and we like to import papers from thailand. I came to know about your enterprise SGS What type of inspections and quality assurance you will give in case of papers. Your service will be very much usefull to us. Please give us your assurance details which you will provide for a paper. Your terms and service charges details.

Solomon: Dear Sir/Madam I have foreign buyer of raw cashew nut and he require of SGS certicificate, where can i get or what is the solution? Kindly advise

Guan: Hi, we would like to import mushroom spawns from Thailand to Singapore by land via Malaysia. We understand from our Singapore authority (AVA) that they require us to produce a phytosanitary cert for the import and have them quarantined and inspected. But we are not sure about the rest - on how to get the phytosanitary cert, and export/import liscense required by Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. Would SGS be able to enlighten us on the compliance and also execute on behalf of us the required compliance and logistic arrangment to transport to Singapore?

Augustine Mondu: Hi, peace be with you. Since year 2010, there has been heavy logging activity in Turubu prestige forest land in WEWAK District of Papua New Giunea. As of this date logging activity is continuing. Do you have any information that can feed us to know exactly the total volume and revenue earned. We are indigenous land owners and we have not benefited from levies and premium from our raw logs exported. Can SGS provide us this information?

Dinesh Kumar : I want sgs certification plz contact immediately

akshansh agrawal: Dear Sir, good day to you I want to export dry fruits in Dubai and I have all required securities. but not having any pary in Dubai please help me you can contact on +918439235058 or email me on akshanshag12@gmail.com for more details. thank you sir.

kidecha ripan: i want to sgs certificate in surat city gujarat please send your contact detail and office addres

Jitendra : How Can Select Inspection Company in South Africa . I am Buy first time in South Africa. Pls Gaid me.

ROBERT C NORWOOD jR: Where would I go or contact to purchase a couple of Fire Storm 1911 Clips ??

Zeeshan Mansoori: if any thing goes wrong after sgs inspection.will sgs take any responsibility?

taif: dear all, kindly clarify to me what are the types of goods that SGS inspect? - when should SGS certificate be required?

Naveen Singh: My company will going export to Cemroun, and Cemroun buyer wants SGS No. On Phyto, what I will do in this issue


Edison E.Haimene: Would very much like to know when exporting charcoal what exactly is expected from producers/seller and the buyers

Debasish Mascharak: paper cup food grade certificate

Siva S: Sir,would like to export Cotton Printed Bags as we are the producers of them and the export is to to Europe countries and how do i get the procedures of getting the SGS certifications?

Brian : How do I contact SGS for container inspection in China

Chikezie Njoku: I want to send Cashew nuts from Nigeria to USA to my wife, what is the requirements please and your office in Nigeria thank you

Murali: Dear sir. Does sgs certification for exported goods protect the exporter from rejection of goods by the importer. Thankyou. Murali Bangalore

jim kennedy: We are trying to ship note book computers for evaluation purposes to Kenya, Uganda and Nigeria and are being informed that they require SGS certification. How do we have that done

allied: I'm from world wide fruit Jaipur Rajasthan India I just want to know that If book some container from turkey Then how to secure my money, product quality etc How to work SGS.. Please advise asap

sameer: I have been reading the contents you have collated & explained on the site: https://howtoexportimport.com I have found it really simple & knowledgeable. Had a query regarding the SGS report in the buying-selling workflow. Where does this fit in? Is it mandatory to get into a financial commitment like LC before asking for this report? My understanding is captured in the image below which says the buyer can demand (or get it done by himself) before entering into a financial commitment.

hannes: Just found your website while researching ref. information for USA Import requirements of Coconut Shell Charcoal from the Philippines. Herewith his information: "before shipping the product into the country, and the Company Accreditation with the U.S.ENERGY INFORMATION ADMINISTRATION (EIA) will done through of anyone of her Company certification such as Registration Certificate or IEC or the Charcoal product like SGS Test Report or COA Certificate Of Analyses or TUV Certificate etc." "THE COMPANY ACCREDITATION WITH (EIA) IS NOT DONE THROUGH ONLINE PROCESS OR VIA REGISTRATION IT DONE THROUGH DIRECT PROCESS WITH GOVERNMENT AGENT PERSON. The government agent fees are 3,950USD, the accredidation is valid for 10 years." can you please check and inform me if such an "accreditation at EIA is really needed or if this is just a fake information and maybe they want only to collect the so called "government agent" fees at 3,950USD from us.

krishnam raju: what the required documents for sgs certification for Export materials

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