XOS Statement for banks

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A. D. Code No…………… Statement of particulars of export bills outstanding beyond prescribed period/ due date of realisation
as at 30th June/ 31st December Part I – Outstanding export bills other than those on deferred payment terms Sr. No . Bill No.
and date Name & Address Of exporter Exporter’s Code No./ IE Code No. Date of export Due date of realisation GR/PP/ SOFTEX
form no. Port of Shipment Shipping bill No. and date Name & address Of the overseas Buyer Commodity Invoice value Amount Realised Amount Outstanding Rupee equivalent of outstanding amount (To be classified as) Remarks currency and Amount Currency And Amount Currency And Amount Cash exports Exports on consignment basis Undrawn balances ___________________________________________________________________ 

Part II – Exports on deferred payment terms where instalments (including interest ) are outstanding beyond due date Sr. Invoice value No. Name & address of exporter Exporter’s Code No./ IE Code No. No. & date of RBI approval for deferred payment term Date of export GR Form No. Port of Shipment Shipping bill No. and date Name & address of the overseas buyer Commodity Currency & Amount Value of goods covered under deferred payment terms(including interestI Total Amount of deferred instalments (including interest) already received Total Amount of instalments Outstanding (including interest) beyond due date Rupee equivalent of outstanding amount Whether ECGC cover obtained (Yes /No) No. & date of bank certificate issued Remarks Currency Amount Currency Amount Currency Amount

Part III : Summary Part I Part II 'Cash' exports Export on consignment basis Undrawn balances Total Exports on deferred payment basis Rs. Rs. Rs. Rs. Rs. Outstandings as on
(End of previous half-year) Add: Addition during the half- year under report Less: Deletion during the half-year Net position of outstanding as on
(End of half-year
under report) We certify that all export bills i.e. export bills purchased, negotiated and sent for collection, outstanding beyond the prescribed period / due date of realisation of as at the end of half-year under report have been included in this statement. Place: ___________________ (Signature of Authorised Official) Name: ______________________ Date : ___________________ Designation: _________________

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Click below to download XOS statement in pdf format: 


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