What is Retail Sale Price, RSP under import duty calculation


Meaning of RSP, Retail Sale Price

rspThe full form of RSP means Retail Sale Price.

What is the meaning of Retail Sale Price, RSP?

Retail Sale Price RSP is the maximum price at which the excisable goods in packaged form may be sold to the ultimate consumer and includes all taxes, local or otherwise, freight, transport charges, commission payable to dealers, and all charges towards advertisement. The RSP of a product can be different from one country to another country based on the total production cost and market price.

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Arun G.Nampoothiri : i am a software employ, trying for Indian Export /import optimization services.i have a doubt about 1) How to calclate import duty what all the things we need to take care Kindly guid me on this import duty calculation.

Admin: Hi Arun G. Nampoothiri, You may read our article about international trade, HOW TO FIND ASSESSABLE VALUE in this website.

Vipin CM: Hi, I Want to know the formula for calculation of RSP amount calculation for Import. Could you please explain with an example ?

Anil: I got the goods i.e LED lights, Bulbs, Tubes and Panels manufactured from China under my brand name and logo The carton contained the printed information as to the logo, my firm's name and specification of the products inside besides batch no and MRP(in INR) of the products. At the time of import I had submitted the proforma invoice at which I had transacted value and made payment to the manufacturer in China.This is the only document which is an agreement between us. I had to pay Customs duty on MRP considering as RSP since printed on it. My contention is that customs Duty should be charged to me on the value of the goods I paid Plus all the expenses / Charges up to the port of Import and charging the duty on the expenses likely to be incurred thereafter should not be charged because when goods arrived in India I have to compete in the local market where I may have to sell my goods below or much below of the MRP/RSP also. Kindly quote if there is any case law on this subject matter.

RAVINDER TALWAR: We imports electrical appliances from china, its RSP items.. We put MRP sticker on every peiec of impOrted goods, Can RSP lower than MRP ? Duty will be calculated on RSP or MRP ?? SUPPOSE MRP MENTION ON PRODUCT IS RS. 1000/- AND RSP IS ONLY RS. 600/- then custom duty will be calculated on which price.

JITENDER SINGH: Dear sir/Madam We are going to import tyres for trading purpose. These tyres to be sold to Institutional & Industrial consumer. May we take SAD exemption under notification no. 021/2012 2 at the time of custom clearance? & what is legal metrology act? is tyre cover under this act? Please confirm.. regards Jitender singh

Sanskar Garg: We have imported Shoes from China. Their RSP is RS. 490/- and we are selling them for RS. 700/- Is it legal?

archana pal: can you please provide more information about Retail Sale Price (RSP) and also items which fall under this list

Aabid: Selling items above their rsp is totally illegal practice

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