Obtaining No Objection Certificate from Plant Quarantine Department

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How to obtain No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Plant Quarantine Department.

In this article, the method to get No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Plant quarantine Department for importation of some of the specific goods is explained. This information provides only basic information on how to get NOC of PQ. The importers may collect accurate information to obtain No Objection Certificat (NOC) from Plant Quarantine Department or equivalent authority of importing country.

plant quarantinePlant quarantine certification helps to minimize the risk of spreading plant diseases, pest insects, weeds etc, as the volume of trade and transport increases day by day globally. Dangerous pests are frequently found in many countries. The certification from plant quarantine agency can prevent entering such dangerous pest insects, weeds etc in to the importing country. No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Plant Quarantine Department is one of the requirements for importation of some of the products.

Intially the importer has to register the application to the concerned government agency of importing country.The importer or his agent shall file an application in respect of each cargo immediately upon arrival or in advance in case of perishable consignments to the officer-in-charge of plant quarantine station at the notified point of entry along with following enclosures ; Import permit original (Importer's copy) ,Phytosanitary certificate (original) issued at the country of origin or PSC- Re-export format, Customs bill of entry (duly endorsed), shipping/airway bill , Invoice and Packing list , Fumigation certificate (if required) ,Certificate of Origin and Bill of lading.

The next step is to get the product Inspection/Sampling /laboratory testing. Importer has to arrange for inspection/sampling of the consignment on the scheduled date and time at the prescribed place by the nominated plant quarantine officer as per the quarantine order issued. After the inspection, next comes the fumigation process. The importer or his agent shall arrange fumigation of consignments by an approved pest control operators at his own cost under the department supervision officer. However in case of consignments found infested with live pests the same shall be permitted for clearance only after fumigation and re-inspection. A detention order is issued in respect of consignments that are found infested or infected with quarantine pests or imported in contravention with plant quarantine regulations for arranging deportation failing which the same shall be destroyed at the cost of importer.

Export inspection and phytosanitary certification of plants and plant products is carried out in accordance with International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) to meet the legal obligations of the member countries. The Phytosanitary certificates are issued in the model formats set out under the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) in consistence with current PQ regulations of the importing country. Such certificates are issued after careful inspection and treatment of plants and plant products by technically qualified and duly authorized officers at the country of export and shall include additional declarations as may be required by the importing country and also particulars of treatment, if any given by the duly authorized officer. While entering into trade negotiations (Letter of Credit (LC) or Agreement etc), the exporter should ensure to reflect in the contract which they entered with the importer about the current Plant Quarantine Regulations in respect of the Commodity being exported from the importing country or a copy of the permit issued by the importing country wherever applicable.

A brief description about the subject is explained here.   You may contact concerned government agency for latest update.      

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The phytosanitary certificate is issued as per the requirements of the importing country duly reflected in the contract or the permit issued by the importing country.

The above information about the process of obtaining NOC from Plant Quarantine Department is explained. Would you like to add more information about NOC of PQ? Share below your thoughts and experience in handling import where NOC from PQ requires.

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