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Port Restriction in importing country

Can you import all types of goods to all customs ports? If not allowed to import goods to all customs ports, why?

Port restrictions in import countriesWhat you mean by port restrictions in import?

You cannot import all types of goods to all customs import location, as import of some specific goods are restricted to complete import clearance procedures through all ports. So, when you intend to import any goods to a destination customs port, you need to verify whether the said materials are allowed to complete import clearance procedures to the said import port location. In many of countries, such import items are notified by customs authority of importing country. The list of such goodsispublished by importing country time to time. The restriction of import of any products is decided as per the foreign trade policy of importing country amended time to time if required.

One of the main reasons for such port restriction under import of some specific goods is that, customs authorities at importing country will have special professional officers specialized in handling in import of such specific products under foreign trade policy. Another reason is that these designed ports have special infrastructure like laboratory and other testing institutions approved by government.

In a nutshell, import of some of the goods isrestricted through some of the designed customs ports. The importers may reconfirm, whether their importing goods are allowed to import through the customs ports where they intended to.

So, if you are an importer who imports special types of products fall under such specified list where port restrictions are designed, you may reconfirm the importing customs port location before shipping goods from your overseas supplier’s load port.


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