Process under import of weight and measures

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Import of Weights and measures.


weight and measureThe import of weights and measures are regulated by Legal Metrology department of importing country. In India, such regulations are monitored under Legal Metrology Act.

Standard weights and measures shall be in accordance with the metric system based on the international system of units. The base unit for length shall be in meters, mass shall be in kilograms, time shall be in seconds. Electric current will be measured in ampere, thermodynamic temperature shall be the kelvin; luminous intensity shall be the candela and amount of substance shall be the mole. The base unit of numeration shall be the unit of the international form.



Some of the terms and conditions under Legal Metrology Act are given under:

Verification of weight and measure includes in relation to any weight or measure, the process of comparing, checking, testing or adjusting such weight or measure with a view to ensuring that such weight or measure conforms to the standards established by or under legal metrology Act and also includes re-verification and calibration specified under this legal metrology Act. The physical characteristics, configuration, constructional details, materials, equipment, performance, tolerances, period of re-verification, methods or procedures of tests shall be such as may be prescribed.

No weight or measure shall be manufactured or imported unless it conforms to the standards of weight or measure specified under section 8 Provided that provisions of this section shall not apply for manufacture done exclusively for export or for the purpose of any scientific investigation or research. The reference standards, secondary standards and working standards of weights and measures shall be such as may be prescribed. Every reference standard, secondary standard and working standard shall be verified and stamped in such manner and after payment of such fee as may be prescribed. Every reference standard, secondary standard and working standard which is not verified and stamped in accordance with the provisions of sub-section (2) shall not be deemed to be a valid standard.

Any transaction, dealing or contract in respect of any goods, class of goods or undertakings shall be made by such weight, measure or number as may be prescribed. No person shall, in relation to any goods, things or service or make announcement of, whether by word of mouth or otherwise. Any price or charge, issue or exhibit any price list, invoice, cash memo shall not be applicable for export of any goods

The provisions of sub-section (1) also not applicable when other document or prepare or publish any advertisement, poster or other document, Indicate the net quantity of pre-packaged commodity, or express in relation to any transaction or protection, any quantity or dimension, otherwise than in accordance with the standard unit of weight, measure or numeration for export of any goods, things or service. Any custom, usage, practice or method of whatever nature which permits a person to demand, receive or cause to be demanded or received, any quantity of article, thing or service in excess of or less than, the quantity specified by weight, measure or number in the contract or other agreement in relation to the said article, thing or service, shall be void.


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I hope, some of the provisions under Legal Metrology Act given above enlighten you a basic idea about importation of weights and measures.


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