Indian Union Budget 2014-2015, highlights on import and export duties

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Indian Budget highlights copy 


Indian Union Budget 2014-2015 Major changes on import and export duties


HS Codes (CTH codes) Chapter 01 to 07 no change


 HS Codes (CTH codes) Chapter 08

Import duty changes for Raisins



HS Codes (CTH codes) Chapter 09 to 14 no change



HS Codes (CTH codes) Chapter 15,29 and 38

Changes of import duty on fatty acids, crude palm stearin etc.


 HS Codes (CTH codes) Chapter 16 to 21 no change


 HS Codes (CTH codes) Chapter 22

Reduction of Import duty for Ethyl Alcohol


 HS Codes (CTH codes) Chapter 23

Exemption of BCD to import de-oiled soya extract, groundnut oil cake/oil cake meal, sunflower oil cake/oil cake meal, canola oil cake/oil cake meal, mustard oil cake/oil cake meal, rice bran/rice bran oil cake and palm kernel cake


 HS Codes (CTH codes) Chapter 24 and 25

Budget 2014, ITC Tariff item 2402 20 60 omitted

Basic duty reduced on steel grade dolomite and steel grade limestone


 HS Codes (CTH codes) Chapter 26

Export duty of Bauxite increases


 HS Codes (CTH codes) Chapter 27

Changes in Duty for Non-agglomerated coal, Metallurgical coke, Naphthalene, Coal tar pitch, Propane etc


 HS Codes (CTH codes) Chapter 28 to 49

Changes in Duty for Ethylene, Propylene and Butadiene, Ortho-xylene, Methyl alcohol


 HS Codes (CTH codes) Chapter 50, no change


 HS Codes (CTH codes) Chapter 51 to 52

Benefits for industries of handicraft,textiles made ups etc


 HS Codes (CTH codes) Chapter 53 to 70 no change


 HS Codes (CTH codes) Chapter 51 to 52

Basic Duty changes for Diamonds, Pre-forms of precious and semi-precious stones


 HS Codes (CTH codes) Chapter 72 and 73

Duty changes for Stainless steel flat products, Bearings of wind operated electricity generators and Flat copper wire


 HS Codes (CTH codes) Chapter 75 to 83 no change


 HS Codes (CTH codes) Chapter 84

Duty exemption for compressed biogas plant, of solar energy production and manufacture of wind operated electricity generators



HS Codes (CTH codes) Chapter 85

Reduction of import duties on LED,LCD,Television, Computer, Laptop,Tablets


 HS Codes (CTH codes) Chapter 86 to 88 no change

HS Codes (CTH codes) Chapter 89

Reduction of BCD on Ships imported for breaking up, Indian Budget 2014

 HS Codes (CTH codes) Chapter 90 to 98

Withdrawn CVD exemption on portable X-ray machine




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Sivasankar: We are a manufacturer of poultry and cattle feeds would like to know whether the exemption from basic customs duty for de oiled soya exemption is applicable or not if we imported in 2015-16. Please clarify.

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