Procedure to claim Duty Drawback


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How to claim Draw back of exports in India?


Procedure for claiming Duty Drawback

If shipping bill was filed at a customs location where in no EDI facility  is available, triplicate copy of shipping bill  with certain documents to support the application for draw back need to be filed.  The details of such documents have been mentioned in drawback rules 1995 of Customs department.  You can approach respective customs department and collect details of documents under the product which you intend to claim draw back. If such requisite information/documents are not filed, such application for drawback will be returned to exporter advising to reapply with required documents.  However, the shipment will not be stopped due to this reason.


If export documents are filed by electronically, the  exporter or his authorized customs broker files necessary information about draw back with required documents at the time of filing documents for export procedures and formalities.  In such cases,  the amount of drawback is directly credited with exporter’s bank by customs authorities.


If the amount of drawback is not credited with exporter’s bank within a stipulated period of time after export, he can contact customs department.


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linda: I was contacted that I have a package expported from Panama. This guy agent Ted Frost claim he a Border patrolbut won't fax the duty forms needed to claim export. Reading ur report gives clarity.

B.D.MAKAWANA: after two month past but still date we have not received our duty drawac claim

Surendran Kollerath: Hi B.D.MAKAWANA, You can approach concerned officer at Customs with a proof of filing to get the status.

Atul: what is drawback and its procedure in details. how we fill and take drawback claim with checklist of documents.

Atul: how many type of letter of credit and what is important considerable point before accept the letter of credit from bank

Muru: We are import the motor for washing machine. and the same motor is used for washing machines and some domestic parts also used in the machines. Can we get refund of duty particularly for imported motor during export of washing machines?

N.G.KABRA: at present , we are getting the bebefit of duty drawback . are we also eligible for the benefit of DEPB ? in other means , can we get both the benefits at a time ? actualy confused . will someone pl. guide or suggest ? shall be thankful. regards

ankit kumar : I kindly request to you if possible please let me know what is the rules of indian customs because i live in south korea i want to do any import / export business from there so i have no any knowledge about this field i also speak korean language i'm 21 years old

saf: Do all exporters gets duty drawback?

Prashant Tiwari : We are a very small Exporter from Kolkata. We are not getting the draw back from last one due to some documentation problems from our side. In this regards we need your help.

GOPI.CHINNAM: thank you sir.this informaton is good for us

ramesh: dear sir, duty drawback it applicable for herbal and ayurvedic ( RM ) EXPORTS. If yes what is the rate of per cent. Can explain clearly reg ramesh babu

Yo Yo : I am a big fan of your articles and i read them on daily basis. All i need is a bit help from you. Actually I want to export some polybags to Cabada but i don't know how to gain duty draw back benefit?

Inder kapoor: please advise whether we can adjust duty drawback amount against outstanding of packing credit and RBI notification No.

Gokul kumar: pls guide me how to claim duty draw back and to whom i have to contact or it will credit automatically , if automatic credit how along it will take . pls do the needful .

Ravi Kumar : This is Ravi Kumar from Ghaziabad.iam doing documentation work on exports since one year.i have seen is very helpfull to students.If any doubt for me i will check this website.Regarding customs duty draw back i need your valuable assitance.

Aniket: DBK amount not credited directly in our bank, AD code correct bank account no Correct Error msg : #Account no. is not Validated by PFMS hence this shipping bill would not be a prat of RO Can Someone help me understand why this happens and how can i get my drawback amount credited ?? Thank you

MUNIF: DBK amount not credited directly in our bank, AD code correct bank account no Correct Error msg : #Account no. is not Validated by PFMS hence this shipping bill would not be a prat of RO Can Someone help me understand why this happens and how can i get my drawback amount credited ?? Thank you (same questioned by aniket)

Chandresh Mishra: procedure for filling pre export shipment for Drawback.

Chhaya: We are unable to claim to drawback for Air shipments as we are unable to trace the Bank details. How to get the claim and whom to contact. Customs has provided Bank details which are invalid and now they are asking for NOC from Invalid Bank

kumar: Babies garments SET (1pcs-bodysuit, 1 pcs pant & 1 pcs HAT) packed as 1 PACK, the price also per PACK only (as per buyer order). Shall declared HSN# 6111200 - Babies garments... Since HAT is one of garment accessories in SET garments/packing. Please confirm... my e-mail id:

ALOK KUMAR GHOSH: Can an publishing organisation having IEC licence for trading activity can claim duty drawback ? If yes at what rate duty drawback can be claimed? Further they export books in one consignment which they imported on different dates , how drawback can be claimed?

BHARGAV: Can i take benifit of Duty Drawback if all my raw materials and other expenses are indegenious?

mabu: Could you share your thoughts How to get Drawback amount by exports by filling Drawback Shipping Bill.If you have any article also please share the link.

pravin: Please advice on how to claim duty drawback on custom duty paid on the purchases made from SEZ units. 1. Goods Purchased from SEZ, Chennai Company name ABC by Mumbai Based XYZ 2. Mumbai Based company directly export from Chennai to Gulf Country 3. ABC Company charged Custom Duy @ 10% on ABC company (Mumbai Based company) How ABC company can claim duty drawback as ABC company is exporting 100% of the product purchased from XYZ company.

chandresh : Our Drawback amount already sanctioned but noit yet received drawback amount .

SANTOSH: We are wrongly shipping bill filed as "Free Shipping bill" instead of " Drawback shipping bill". please advice how to get draw back.

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