Advance Authorization Scheme (AAS)

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Advance Authorization scheme (AAS)

What is Advance Authorization Scheme AAS in Indian Export and Import? How does Advance Authorization Scheme work?

Advance Authorization Scheme ASS is one of the incentive schemes provided by Indian Government thorough its government agency called DGFT – Director General of Foreign Trade.

As I have mentioned in my other articles, all readers need to re confirm about all incentives and financial assistance offered by government, as these schemes may beAdvance Authorization schems amended, withdrawn or introduced a new scheme. As I have stated in my blog policy, the author does not take any responsibility on any of the information provided in this web blog, especially government related information which might be amended or withdrawn time to time.

Under Advance authorization Scheme AAS, exporter can import raw-materials and related inputs under 100% duty exemption schemes. The importer has to approach DGFT who is the licensing authority under this category. Government fixes value addition as per the standard input-output norms. Once you fulfills the export obligation with the licensing authority, you can sell the manufactured products in domestic market.

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Shameed: Please advice is Advance Authorization scheme (AAS)and Advance licensing are same thing in exporting goods.

Mahendra Sharma : Iam Mahendra sharma working in Mfg co. Actually we have exported material to USA (Advance License) but due to some reason material is rejected and party sent the material back.Further We want to Re-Export this material.Kindly provide me a procedure for re-export.

Admin: Hello Mahendra Sharama, You can read our articles about RE EXPORT METHODS in this website

Varun Malhotra: This is in ref to the subject , forwarder has moved the 03rd country shipment ( China to Africa ) and client is based in Delhi , can forwarding company raise their Invoice to the client in USD to delhi address. (Client is having EEFC account)

Admin: Dear Varun Malhotra, You may collect information in this website about TRIANGULAR SHIPMENTS PROCEDURES

Lalithakumar: Advance Authorisation Expired, Within the period we didnot import any material on said Licence, Now we want to Import the Raw Materials under Advance Authorisation, Can Tell the procedure ?

Pioneer spinning and weaving mills beena kosaraju: We have applied for the cancellation of our epcg licence# 09/34/021/00359/AM16 on 2nd February 2016.we obtained this licence on 18th of august 2015. Our imported autoconer for the spinning mill at puttur was damaged due to the rains at chennai port.we want to re export the auto coner to the company murata in Japan. We have not received our cancelled licence, the agent is missing,please help us to find the licence. We cannot wait indefinitely

shankar: scheme code 03 (AAS) using licence Is there is any possibility of export before import

jiya shah: How to file application for advance authorization ??? What is the Process ???

Heg: With in how many days BOE trip copy shall be submitted to the bank. advaadvance remmitance cases

Krishna Reddy Komuri : We are going to plan importing raw material form japan. I need one information regarding for advance licence after post GST can we apply for advance licence to exempt duty for import raw material.

Harsha Dattani: Can we import on advance license from parent company which has setup outside India, we are subsidiary company having setup India, and Export only 10% of total import, whether custom duty is exempted to us

Mausumi: After receiving Advance Authorisation what is the time period to export?

Ranjeet Singh Dangwal: We have applied for Advance License and imported the material, after manufacturing we will ship the material to Mumbai port and invoice to X Party which is in Mumbai. Now what information to be mentioned in shipping bill at the time of dispatch ? pls suggest

jain: We are a chemical manufacturing company. We want to import a raw material (Mono Chloroacetic Acid- HS Code: 29154010) to manufacture and export product Ethyl Chloroacetate (HS Code- 29154010) under advance authorization scheme for a European client, thereby paying no duty. We are seeking consultancy for the above advance authorization. The consultant must detail the procedure and procure the AA licence for us. Kindly let us know if you provide these services, the timeline and charges involved.

vishal: I am working in manufacturing company as a executive logistics. We are manufacturer exporter. We do export under advance authorisation ( for duty free import ) without payment of igst. Can we do export under advance authorisation with payment of igst. And than can we claim for igst refund and also can we import duty free goods.

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