Documentation and procedures to import Live Animals


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How to import Live Animals?


How to import Live AnimalsThis post provides information on – how to import live animals like bullocks, buffaloes, goats, ducks,geese,turkeys and guinea fowls,whales,dolphins and porpoises,swine, dogs, cats, macaws and cockatoos, bees, poultry, parrots, pigeons, canaries and finches, mules, asses, bulls, calves etc. Apart from regular procedures and documentation to import goods, the special requirements to import live animals are explained in this article. The exporters and importers may follow specific requirements of each importing country to import live animals from foreign country.

In this article, various documentation and other processes like sanitary import permit for live animals, pre shipment inspection and quarantine procedures on live animals to be imported, environmental measures to be followed to import live animals, transportation requirements and other common requirements applicable in most of the countries to import live animals are described.


Processes and formalities to import Live Animals

In this category ‘Import procedures’, I would like to provide a basic idea about formalities and procedures to import different materials from other country. These details are given to enlighten you on general tips to import goods from overseas countries applicable for almost all countries worldwide. Once after reading these posts about import procedures and import customs clearance procedures, you will have a base idea about the procedures and formalities on how to import various products from foreign countries.

As explained, the details given in this category – Import procedures, the basic information is only provided. So, you may contact respective offices of importing country to know more about the complete procedures and formalities applicable for each country, as the import formalities of each country may have specific requirements based on their foreign trade policy. However, once after reading this post, you will have a clear basic information to import live animals from foreign country.

When discussing about the procedures to import any live animals from other country, the basic slogan must be kept in mind – “ Imports do not adversely affect the human and animal health population of the country”. So almost all restrictions, ban, procedures and formalities are based on this slogan.

The government officials of importing country assesses the level of risk in importing the said products. If the level is acceptable, the importer is given a Veterinary import permit. The import permit is to be given to the Competent Authority in the exporting country to attest and certify the stipulated import requirements.

How to import Live animals?

Live animals falls under chapter 01 of Harmonized Tariff System Code (HTS), also known as Harmonized System Code (HS code) known worldwide.

Some of the examples of live animals are mules, asses, bulls, calves, bullocks, buffaloes, goats, ducks,geese,turkeys and guinea fowls,whales,dolphins and porpoises,swine, dogs, cats, macaws and cockatoos, bees, poultry, parrots, pigeons, canaries and finches,fishes etc. Some of the live animals are banned by most of the countries. One of the major reasons to prohibit import of live animals is due to Fowl Plague or Avian Influenza, a communicable disease outbreak in various countries. However, some countries restricts import of almost all live animals subjected to obtain of various certificates from various government agencies of importing countries. Now, let us discuss about the common requirements of import of live animals .


What are the special requirements to import live animals?

Different countries have their own requirements to import live animals. The process and formalities to import Birds,Cats,Dogs,Horses and Rabbits differs from one another and in country to country. Also different procedures and formalities to import each items under Live Animals head. However, some of the common requirements in major countries are explained below:


Import permit for live animals

One of the common requirements to import most of the items under live animals is Sanitary import permit issued by health department of respective importing country. As I have mentioned above, the human and animal health population of the country do not adversely be effected by import of any live animals from foreign countries. So, necessary Certificate from Vet nary office or , Animal Husbandry. Authority is required to be submitted along with other required documents to import most of the items under Live Animals.

The requirements to import live animals to be fulfilled by some countries are connected with the the legislation  of exporting country, the health status of livestock, of other domestic animals and wildlife, membership of the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), the regularity and rapidity of information on infectious animal diseases provided by the exporting country to the Commission and the OIE, the animal health requirements for the production, manufacture, handling, storage and dispatch of products of animal origin, the country's rules on the prevent and control of animal diseases, the organization, structure, competence and power of the veterinary services.


Period of Import Permit for live animals

The period of import permit allowed in most of the countries is 3 months to 6 months. However, extension is allowed for further period of six months on request.Documents to import live animals


Pre-shipment certification and quarantine checks for importation of live animals

Pre shipment inspection and certification with quarantine checks is mandatory in most of the countries to import most of the items under the classification – Live animals. Appropriate government or private agencies are authorized for such pre shipment inspection to certify on exporting of live animals to make sure on health and sanitary measures which fits for export. In Australia, Department of Agriculture Biosecurity has established quarantine procedures under the Quarantine Act 1908 to minimize this risk.


Personal consumption and trading

Import of live animals could be either for personal purpose or for trading. The procedures and process to import live animals for trading requires more documentation and formalities. Each government of importing country has a detailed requirements data available to guide importers of live animals, if not prohibited, as most of the countries restrict import of live animals due to various reasons effect the health of human and animal of importing country. The trade division in department of animal husbandry and dairying will analyze the information contained in the application with reference to the risk posed by the import on the health of the animal and human population of the country.


Origin of Live animals importing?

The government agencies of importing countries are very keen in checking the origin of live animals being imported to confirm the health condition. Some of the countries are identified as threat countries in exporting live animals. The diseases like influenza, flu and other communicable diseases are to be closely monitored when importing live animals. So the prohibition on import of all type of animals from Hong Kong China, Honduras, Italy, Laos and Pakistan exists on account of the outbreak of avian influenza, also known as fowl plague. country and locality where the livestock product was produced and the country from which shipment took place is keenly verified by the authorities of importing country to confirm the health measures of human and animal of importing country.


Prevention of Food Products Order

Before imports of live animals are allowed,the consignment is checked for microbiological and other contaminants under the relevant laws of importing country, if such standards have been laid down.


Environmental measures to import live animals

Some of the importing countries require no objection certificate from environment department of country. In Australia without a permit from the federal environment department, the process of importing live animals can not be completed.

Pre Import, Import and Post import procedures and formalities.

In some countries, there are many processes a) before import of live animals,b) at the time of import and c) process after import have to be completed to meet the respective country’s foreign trade policy to import live animals. The animals shall be vaccinated against other significant infectious or contagious diseases. Import permit before import, inspection on arrival of imported animals at entry port by International Animal Quarantine Station to meet animal health requirement of importation of live animals, examination of animal disease status of the country of origin, periodical assessment on health of imported animals etc. Are some of the processes to import live animals. In case the imported animals are imported for breeding purposes, pedigree certificate or other evidence should be presented to a veterinary official. The imported live animals are moved to quarantine area and necessary samples are drawn to verify and confirm the health status. Necessary precautions and emergency measures are taken to control on disease outbreak, if death of any animal on transit to import.


Safe Transportation

The animals must be transported in nose-and-paw proof crates designed to avoid any risk of injury or unnecessary suffering. The animals are not allowed to be exposed to other animals if they have to be landed in transit at any approved intermediate port. They shall not be allowed to leave precinct of the port except to an officially approved transit quarantine area.


Port restrictions

In some of the countries, the customs clearance procedures and processes to import live animals are restricted through some of the ports in importing country. This is arranged to provide all necessary infrastructure to meet various processes and requirements to import live animals.



If violating any rules of importing country, most of the government of importing countries have the right to penalize the importer.  The  animals are returned back to exporting country or destroyed by following all necessary health measures of importing country.

Import procedures of Live Animals


In this article, the documentation, process and formalities to import live animals like bullocks, buffaloes, goats, ducks,geese,turkeys and guinea fowls,whales,dolphins and porpoise, swine, dogs, cats, macaws and cockatoos, bees, poultry, parrots, pigeons, canaries and finches, mules, asses, bulls, calves and other animals are explained. As explained above, these information are generally applicable for all countries importing live animals. These details on how to import live animals are given to provide a basic idea to bring live animals from foreign country. Specific requirements for each importing country need to be followed by importers and exporters of live animals.


I hope, the above information helps you in gaining basic knowledge on documentation,procedures and formalities in importation of live animals like dogs, cats, macaws and cockatoos, bees, poultry, parrots, pigeons, canaries and finches, mules, asses, bulls, calves, bullocks, buffaloes, goats, ducks,geese,turkeys and guinea fowls,whales,dolphins and porpoises,swine and other animals.


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