Why need Certificate of Origin


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Why do you need ‘Certificate of Origin’ in International Trade



Importance of Certificate of Origin in Exports and Imports 


Certificate of Origin is one of the required documents for import customs clearance in most of the importing countries. Why does certificate of origin require for import clearance? Why does government insist for Certificate of Origin as one of the required documents for import customs clearance?


Difference between exports and re-exports copy As per the government policies of each country time to time, and the bilateral and unilateral business agreement between countries, the import duty may be exempted under the specified goods from particular countries. Or as per the availability and consumption goods, certain commodities are imposed import duty to control the import of such goods. Duties are also levied against the goods importing from certain countries because of political policies also. So, the importance of certifying the origin of goods plays a vital role in the international trade between countries.

 Certificate of origin is the document, certifying the origin of country where in the export goods are procured and manufactured originally. Most of the cases, the buyer needs only the certificate issued by local Chamber of commerce. However in certain cases, the buyer insist to get GSP (generalized system of preference) issued by export council agencies of respective country. While issuing certificate of origin, a copy of commercial invoice is also attested by the said authorities.

In this article I have explained about the importance of Certificate of Origin in International business, the reason for insisting for Certificate of Origin as one of the documents required for import clearance, duty exemptions for importing goods from certain countries based on unilateral or bilateral trade agreement between countries etc.


Do you wish to express more information about the importance of Certificate of origin in international business, the reason for insisting Certificate of Origin as one of the required documents under import customs clearance or duty exemptions for import of goods from specific countries under bilateral or unilateral agreement between countries? Share below your experience about Certificate of Origin and its use in international business.


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Suresh: Hi would request if can guide me with certain books on import and export. with regards to the comment on COO, can freight forwarders be able to arrange for the certificate of origin?

yogesh runwal: How some-one will check the genuiness of the Certificate? Is it possible that I buy goods from Mr X of country A who bought the same from Mr Y of country B? What will be the certificate type in that case?

Shakeer Hussain : I have one query related to certificate of origin from India and I hope that I can get positive reply from your side. Case – 1 Shipment is from Germany to India and from India reexported to Saudi Arabia from the port itself without entering to India because exporter is in India. In germany the material was imported from different countries such as USA, JAPAN and Sweden and then shipped to India and from India to Saudi Arabia. In this case how to arrange certificate of origin. Would appreciate if you give us procedure to issue certificate of origin in germany and in india. Case – 2 Shipment is from India to saudi Arabia: Indian company imported some goods from UK and other country and assembled in India with adding some more parts to equipment. In this case how the certificate of origin should be made from India.In saudi Arabia custom will do inspection for labels on the parts and if they find different labels then they are not releasing shipments.

Admin: Hello Shakeer Hussain, You can arrange Certificate of origin. Consult a professional who handles TRIANGULAR SHIPMENT PROCEDURES.

Aditya: Hi, I have a stamp collection in India but I want to get the same to Australia(which is where I am staying now). Can anyone please help me with regards to the process for the same. Thanks

ernelie: hillo im ernelie im asking im now studying in export inport, becaouse im making some busness to sending any my products in korea,, pleas i need to help more on to know in how to export inport,, to sending in korea

Mellany: We have customer need an COO for specific item that she bought only. We have COO issued by our supplier which is the total weight volume and total packages only and not the item in details. |And it's issued since 2014, and now our customer is asking for COO for specific item she bought only. Please advice if this is possible to request from our supplier for the specific item alone.

RAJIV KUMAR: this is great.....the endless journey now reach 'the discharge port'.... I would like to congrats you for giving me a full pledged teaching aid...

Liju: Hi, Can a import clearance be possible in absence of COO ? If exporter is a German and goods exported from China to India. Importer has not received COO, so in order to avoid detention charges at discharge port, is there any way to clear the same w/o presentation of COO if demanded by custom officer ? Please advise..

Ali: Dear Mr. Shakeer you have to prepare one Certificate of Origin from your country as well as make another certificate named as Appended Declaration to Certificate of Origin". If the merchandise is not solely and exclusively a product of the exporting country, a notarized "Appended Declaration to Certificate of Origin" must be attached to the certificate of origin. For this you have to consult with your local Chamber of Commerce authorities.

Dipal Gudhka : I am a beginner when it comes to exporting. I have read most of your articles on your website. I find them very useful. My question is what is the purpose of online ECOM application on the website dgft.gov.in What kind of documents are to be filed before and after exports?

Akshay Garg : I have started my export business only by reading articles on your blog. Really appreciate your work. From your website I come to learn about merchant trade and planning to start with it. I am representing an export oriented company based in Delhi under name "SEEMA MARKETING COMPANY". We are planning to export the good to Mauritius but the goods will be procured from Thailand and will be delivered directly to Mauritius under merchant trade. In this triangular trade my company in India is required to send the documents to Mauritian company and one of the documents is certificate of origin. Kindly advise us how we can obtain the certificate of origin from India as the goods are originated originally from Thailand and we can't give that certificate to our Mauritian buyer. Also advice what all documents I need to attach with in order to obtain certificate of origin and from where it will be obtained.

adi t: went through your webpage, found it interesting. if we are doing a traingluar trade for animal feed. we need COO and health certificate. these are only issued by government body to exporter. In such a case we as a trade/intemediate how do we manage the trade as COO and health certifcate needs sellers name and importing country require the importer name to be mentioned to clear the goods.

DUGANI NOOKARA: If the supplier is not provide COO while import the material what will happen

Mulugeta Gashaw: The significance behind issuing certificate of origin for the goods procured is, most countries around the world establish their own custom rule and regulations in order to protect infant industries, security, quota restriction and other bilateral and multi lateral agreements made among countries. Countries provide spacial privilege for other countries as the expense themselves for political, economical and social reasons. Country of origin mostly used in import and export trade in order to impose custom duty that the importer country needs to collect revenue and in order to give free privilege to import. uncommonly some countries prepares rule and regulation to protect totally goods which are imported from others countries Specifically mentioned. in order to identify such things and facilitate custom process country of origin highly demanded.

brian Dolan: Hi I have a specific question on moving goods throughEU countries. When going through customs what paperwork do Ineed to show to avoid paying additional duties. We regulary transport merchandise htat was originally imported and paid all duties & taxes from China & then we move it to Italy when we are leaivng Italy how do we show that is is UK goods imported into UK and all taxes duties already paid. BD

Melissa : I am trying to keep the manufacturer details private but the COO Form E is asking for their name and address in Thailand. Can I legally deny the buyer a COO because of this reason? I am shipping from Thailand to Indo.

Ram Shah: Advise the Custom Clearance procedure at Importing Country (India ) Under SAFTA certificate. Certificate is issued by Exporting Country. (2) What are the Documents are to be Submitted for getting Duty Exemption under SAFTA Scheem.

mohammed nashath : We would like to Import Almonds and Cashews from European countries. Please let me know the certification required for custom clearence.

ASIF IQBAL: is this mandatory to mention "Product of India" or "Made in India" while exporting products from India?

Karthik Chetty: We import items from China for retail sale in India. In case we export the same item from India to another country, how do we get a certificate of origin for that item in India and whether the country of origin will have be declared as CHINA or INDIA, whether such CO will begiven by any of the chamber of commerce in INdia....Even if we mention the country of origin of such an item as INDIA, is is correct, or if we mention the country of origin as CHINA, whether such Certificate of origin will be issued by any of the Chamber of Commerce in India

Ajmer Thermotech P Ltd : We are exporters of scientific instruments for industries and wish to get certificate of origin SAFTA. What is the process to procure the same, what are the formalities an where to apply. We are from Ajmer Rajasthan

VASU DEV : Sir, suppose I import cargo from Singapore to India and then I want to export the same imported cargo to Dubai, could I get the Certificate of origin from India ?

mnnarayan: I have a question, we are trader, we would like to ship garments to our client over seas thru our exporter, but we country of origin should be in our name instead of exporter, is this possible, what are options do we have? thanks to advise.

mei: Is it possible to get the goods delivered from South Korea to Germany out of customs without certificate of origin? Is it an obligatory document or is it needed to reduce or negate import duty occurred??

umesh: I have an Question , One Of My client is swizz is asking for european certificate of origin and the goods are bieng manfactured in india , plz advise from where should i isssue European certifcate of origin ????

G.RADHAKRISHNAN: For the export of goods to South Africa, certificate of origin will be issued by which authority.

sanjay jaiswal: what is the prosiger to get the certificate & fee

Prafull Yadav: We import items from China for retail sale in India. In case we export the same item from India to another country, how do we get a certificate of origin for that item in India and whether the country of origin will have be declared as CHINA or INDIA. Also, are there any rules for some kind of value addition to avail the duty drawback in such a case?

Venugopal: Hello sir, recently we have imported materials from China and we want to export the same materials to Indonesia with repacking the materials, so customer is asking certificate of origin, in this case how I can issue COO certificate and we don't want show the manufacture name of China company, and from where can I get this certificate.

Ben: Hello sir, for SAFTA certificate what will be the cumulation percentage (%) under "C" category in box no. 8 when 68% content imported from SAARC single country, 25% local content and remain 7% is profit. According to my knowledge it should be C - 93%. Is this correct? Pls help me if I am incorrect.

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