Export customs clearance procedures and formalities in India


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Export customs clearance procedures and formalities in India


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In this article, you will learn step by step procedures and formalities of export customs clearance procedures and formalities in India.Export customs clearance procedures and formalities in India copy


Export customs clearance formalities are so simplified now days. Export clearance procedures are as simple as local sales procedures. After the member of GATT – General Agreement on Tariff and Trade, India has liberalized its import and export procedures and formalities very much. Before globalization till 1992, all procedures and formalities on export and import procedures are too complicated. Introduction of software system to file documents electronically made simple to handle export and import procedures for both government and traders in export import. The fast grown electronic and telecommunication industry worldwide contributed in large way in all sectors to boost simplification of procedures and formalities in export import trade also.


Here, let us discuss present export customs clearance procedures and formalities in India. Shipping bill is the legal document to be filed mandatory for moving goods outside India by an exporter.


How to apply Shipping bill electronically?


Once after preparing invoice and packing list, based on purchase order or Letter of credit, you need to arrange export customs clearance procedures, well in advance of time of shipment mentioned in export order. You can appoint a Customs broker or you your self can complete export customs clearance formalities. Normally, a customs house agent is appointed for smooth and fast clearance procedures under export. Invoice, Packing list, SDF declaration and other specific required documents are sent to customs house agents for completion of necessary export customs formalities.


After receiving documents from exporter, Customs broker files shipping bill through customs online software system electronically. This can be done at home, office or private EDI (electronic data information) centers appointed by government, as the filing software can be downloaded from ICEGATE electronically. The generation of shipping bill number is as per serial order all over the country, as the said software is a centralized one. ICE GATE is the software service provider for Customs department of Government of India for import and export customs clearance procedures and formalities. ICE GATE opens their software system 24 hours a day to support export import trade for smooth clearance procedures in India. So the shipping bill number – the serial number of export shipping bill - generated by software is obtained by customs broker or exporter who files online on a queue basis.


The goods read for export is moved to airport, sea port or container freight station and unloads in to the respective yard of shipping carrier. The location yard is decided by carrier who places the vessel/aircraft at the allocated place where in loading of goods makes easier. Export customs procedures and formalities for inspection of goods are completed with customs officials and enter the details of examination of goods in to Export Procedures on Import and Export in Indiasoftware system online for the approval of higher officials of customs. The assessment of value of goods and other information are verified by the customs officials with necessary documentary supports if required. Customs department is also alert on the export benefits schemes filed by you (exporter) for claim by verifying with necessary supporting documents if required.


Let Export Order under export customs clearance procedures


After verifying all required information, customs authorize the assessment and inspection procedures and issue ‘Let Export Order’ as a proof of completion of export customs procedures and formalities. Then, the prints of shipping bill are generated. There are three type copies of shipping bills release this time, one for exporter’s copy, second one exchange control copy which has to be submitted with Reserve Bank of India through exporter’s bank, and third one for shipping carriers to move the cargo to port of final destination.


Update from reader Mr.Jagdish Bhatia:

This is old system of custom clearance for export. Now no 3 Shipping bills are generated. Requesting to please make necessary changes by deleting :"There are three type copies of shipping bills release this time, one for exporter’s copy, second one exchange control copy which has to be submitted with Reserve Bank of India through exporter’s bank, and third one for shipping carriers to move the cargo to port of final destination."


Export General Manifest – EGM


After obtaining the prints – hard copy - of said original shipping bills, the respective customs officials involved in the said process signs on the shipping bills and return to the exporter or their appointed Customs House Agent. Once after movement of goods from exporting country, the shipping carrier files necessary export general manifest (EGM) with customs and based on the same, customs department issue proof of export – Export promotion copy of shipping bill.



Why EP copy and EC copy under export Customs clearance formalities?


EP copy of shipping bill is taken as ‘proof of export’ by all government authorities for claiming any financial assistance from various government agencies. EP copy of shipping bill is taken as a proof of export of goods to fulfill export obligation against the benefits already obtained before exports. Another major document taken asExport formalities in India proof of export is ‘On board Bill of Lading’ issued by carrier of goods.


Once after releasing shipping bills duly signed by customs authorities, customs house agents delivers the respective shipping bill to carrier to move the cargo to destination. Exchange control copy of shipping bill is submitted with bank along with other shipping documents. The authorized dealer of exporter sends the said exchange control copy of shipping bill to Reserve Bank of India. RBI requires exchange control copy for regulating inward and outward remittance of foreign exchange. Exporter’s copy of shipping bill is retained by exporter for their future reference.


Manual shipping bills are filed at a customs location where in no facility to file electronically to complete necessary export customs clearance procedures and formalities. Such shipping bills are filed in 6 copies. Original and duplicate for customs, Triplicate and EP copy for Exporter and next two copies for carrier to load goods at port of loading. Also read - When can an exporter release bill of lading from shipping company?  Can two shipments under different schemes be under one BL/AWB to same buyer.


I hope, I have explained export customs clearance procedures and formalities in India in simple terms to make easily understand. Do wish to add more information about export customs clearance procedures and formalities in India?  Also read -   Import customs clearance procedures 


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Mallikarjuna Gupta Bhogavalli: I was going though your website How to Import and Export. It is very well documented and given. I would like to know what the process / procedure for sale of imported goods in India and covered under which provision and impact on recoverable taxes on such transactions.

Admin: Hi Mallikarjuna Gupta, You may collect necessary information to act as Merchant Importer/ Trader

Akhilesh Reddy: We are a customs house agent at VISAKHAPATNAM and a keen follower of your blog. Recently we done customs clearance for an exporter. Shipment particulars:Free shipping bill:CIF:After completion of formalities at the cfs because of printer problem we were unable to take print of the 6 copies of the shipping bill. Unfortunately afterwards the EGM has closed so we are unable to get the printouts. We could only get EP Copy of the Shipping Bill. Since the client requires exchange control copy of shipping bill for bank process. Is there any other alternative to obtain ec copy since copy don’t allow/entertain issue of duplicate shipping bill. Without EC copy can the exporter get be paid by the importer.

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Jagdish Bhatia: This is old system of custom clearance for export. Now no 3 Shipping bills are generated. Requesting to please make necessary changes by deleting :"There are three type copies of shipping bills release this time, one for exporter’s copy, second one exchange control copy which has to be submitted with Reserve Bank of India through exporter’s bank, and third one for shipping carriers to move the cargo to port of final destination."

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