Baggage clearance after GST implementation


IGST exemption on Baggage clearance


Full exemption from IGST has been provided on passenger baggage. However, basic customs duty shall be leviable at the rate of 35% and education cess as applicable on the value which is in excess of the duty free allowances provided under the Baggage Rules, 2016.



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nina: I have an enquiry that i hope u are able to help me with. I have sent a package to my friend in Dubai which is a laptop, phone n few clothes. This package is being shipped through DHL express and is expected to arrive tonight or tomorrow. The problem is i wasnt aware of such thing of my receiver requiring to provide an import license in order to receive the package. Ive only just found out now through tracking and calling DHL myself. My question is how does my receiver obtain an import license, and is there any way i could do it on his behalf?

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