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The Directorate General of Foreign Trade DGFT is the agency of the Ministry of commerce and industry of the Government of India responsible for administering laws regarding foreign trade and foreign investment in India. DGFT plays a pivotal role in the development of trading relations with various other countries and thus help in improving the economic growth and provides certain impetus needed in the trade industry. DGFT promotes exports and imports through their regional offices across the country.


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Dilip: i want to know about export incentive on electronic Ac Drive HS code 85044010 what is rate DEPB or Drawback

Sundaresan Ganesan : I will be taking care of complete import/export and central functions also. I was doing this some 15 years back. I had lost the touch of this now. can you please explain fully about the following: a) Getting advance licenses from time to time. b) what are all the registers to be maintained to make the entries. c)complying all relevant complainces & submissions of DGFT. d) what are all the excise records to be maintained. e) check bill assessment as per tariff. f) what are all the documents to be submiited to excise for imports and exports. g) Docket maintenance. h) submit stock bases on IO norms. i) supporting in submission of documents to DGSMD. j) jobwork 57F4 reconcilliation. A small write up on each one of the heading is enough. Balance I go thro' your web site.

varsha: I want to know how many benefits we can obtain on a shipping bill, like DRawback , MEIS , Advance Licence, EPCG and cenvat credit

Girjesh Sharma: i want to know about export incentive on edible vegetables(potatoes)and edible fruits.what is the custom duty. every tax. what is DEPB or drawback

Tanuja Emmforce Exports : I wanted to take online training of DGFT including license and other documentation work

Mudassir: Salesman export

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